Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sick... Again

Ugh, I think I have food poisoning!  My stomach is cramping like crazy and I have diarrhea and just feel ill. =(

The rest of my family is fine and we've all eaten the same stuff, so I'm not sure what's going on.  But I definitely feel under the weather.  I hope it passes soon, because I'm supposed to be going to the beach this weekend with my sister and our kiddos.

MB-Yep, people refer to me as RA, mostly in writing.  And YES. The Zoloft totally cut my appetite down AND helped with cravings.  My appetite has come back up a bit, but still not what it was, and usually the cravings are gone as well.  I still get them during PMS but other than that, sugar/sweets don't even sound good. Call your doc and good luck!

Not much else going on.  I still plan to start my diet once I have all the food.  I need to bake a bunch of chicken and turkey and stock up on more yogurt, fruit and vegetables.  Right now I'm not even eating much because my stomach is in such torment.  I have the chills and just want to get in a hot bath and read.  Too bad I've got 4 rambunctious kiddos that I'm in charge of. ;-)  But come nap time, I think I'll take a long, hot soak with lavender bubbles.

Sorry for the short, pointless post. ;-)  I'll be back tomorrow with a weigh-in.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Crap, hope you feel better soon.
    I think you are trying to do to much and you seriously need a vacation. I hope you get to the beach and have good health and weather.
    My family is suppose to be coming in from North Carolina and going to the beach this week also, we call it "going down the shore" around here. I don't know when I will get down there because my husband is just getting back from 10 days golfing in Ireland.
    Feel better,xo, MB

  2. Hmmmm....and your weigh-in is...where??? J/K =) I hope you're feeling better by now! I had that same experience a couple of weeks ago and it was AWFUL - I was like oh my WORD I thought I was done with being sick this pregnancy? But it was so severe that it had to have been food poisoning...and since I eat differently from my family, it probably was.

    Looking forward to reading all about how your newest adventure in weight loss goes!!

  3. Yuck on the food poisoning. We've experienced it so many times having lived and traveled throughout Asia. Even though you lose a bit of weight, I never found it stayed off with food poisoning illness. Get better sweet RA!!!!