Thursday, June 9, 2011

Late Post

Hi All =)

Sorry for the late post; today was a busy day.  Thursdays usually are.  We have this tradition, my sisters, mom and I, that we get together on Thursdays.  My sister Liz doesn't work that day and we spend it together, usually.  Not everyone every time.  Today it was me, Liz and Sarah.  We sat out in the sun, the kiddies played in the pool, Liz and I got our eyebrows threaded, then we sat out in the sun some more. 

I just cleaned up my house... mostly.  The kitchen still needs work, but I've folded 4 loads and the washer and dryer are both humming and I vacuumed all the bedrooms and hallways.

ANYWAY, my point is that I was busy so I'm just now sitting down to post. =)

I weighed in at 140.8 this morning, which is fine with me.  I am bloated and ate lasagna for dinner last night (it was Liz's birthday, if you remember) and I also had a small slice of lemon cheesecake.  OH MY WORD.  The cheesecake is divine.  There is a large piece of it sitting in the fridge and I haven't even taken a nibble all day. Go me!

I also read through the 17 Day Diet book and it seem super doable.  I plan to start on Monday; I have to go buy some ingredients and will do that over the weekend when I don't have to drag my (insane, lately) munchkins around with me. 

I'm excited and am looking forward to the scale going down.  I've been saying that a lot lately, huh?  Oh well, it's true.

I will not be buying anymore Rice and Bean chips.  I crave them and tend to eat them in place of meals.  They are very salty and not a meal in any form.  So those will not be bought for a while here.

The first phase of the diet you can eat unlimited protein (chicken, turkey and tilapia is what I'll be eating), unlimited vegetables (certain non-starchy ones), 2 portions of probiotics (greek yogurt for me) and 2 servings of certain low sugar fruits.  Totally doable, right!? Right.

So Monday I'll start that and keep you posted.  There's a chance I'll get my scale back this weekend and I'm contemplating weighing every day vs. once a week.  The drop will be bigger if I just see it once a week, as opposed to seeing it every day.  Well, it won't actually BE bigger but it will feel that way.  So we'll see.  I want to move my ticker down; I moved it up to reflect the current weigh in weight.

I hope you've had a good week.  I'm looking forward to the weekend; no real plans but sleep is definitely on the agenda. =)

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