Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do Over

Ummmm, so I have to call a Do Over for my diet. :-P

I was doing fine yesterday, but then got really busy and didn't eat my second portion of yogurt or fruit before I ran out of time.  You're supposed to eat both the probiotic and fruit before 2pm.  Then I was STARVING and hadn't cooked my chicken yet. I made eggwhites, but YUCK.  For some reason they tasted like there was soap or perfume in them. :-O  So gross.

So I ended up eating 3 mini Snickers and a mini Twix, and a slice of pizza for dinner. Whoops!  I have to say, the chocolate seriously calmed my very frazzled nerves, though!

So I am going to wait to start the diet until I go to the store and can stock up on turkey breast and rotisserie chicken breast.

So, yesterday I ended up eating:

4 oz greek yogurt with strawberries
baby carrots with 1T fat free ranch
red grapes
3 mini Snickers, and 1 mini Twix
1 slice of pizza
3 bites of ice cream

I will most likely start again on Friday, because I plan to shop on Thursday.  Sorry for the blip in the diet. :-P

Mom-I totally want to talk to you about the diet; maybe we can do it together. =)

Otherwise I'm doing very well.  Yesterday was really rough, but I realized half way through the day I had forgotten to take my Zoloft.  I took the kids to the park (cuz you're supposed to exercise 17 minutes a day on the diet) and it ended up being a 20ish minute walk and they played for a while.  They were hungry and grumpy so we came home, which is when I ate the candy.

Overall I *know* I can do the diet, I just need to be prepared with the right food ingredients.  So I'll just start a few days later than I was originally planning.

I hope you're all doing well! I have a day of housework ahead of me, and I am determined to stick to it until it's done.  I'm tired of living in a half clean, half messy house.  I just need to pick it up and enjoy my home and then sit in the sun with the kids, if it ever decides to bless us with it's rays.  Will summer EVER come to the west coast????????


  1. Hey!
    I know! Where is summer? WAH :)
    Hope you are having a good day. I am excited to hang out soon!

  2. RA - do people call you that? Everybody calls me Mar (sounds like mare, like a horse, nice) but I sign everything MB. That was a rant.
    RA - I am liking your new diet! I get up and eat 1 reese cup and a diet pepsi and 1 hour later I have a second reese cup with the same diet pepsi. Lunch is usually golden oreo cookies, double stuffed of course, and snacks are handful of m&m peanut butter. Dinner is pizza, mcdonalds, or some other take out sandwich. And yet I wonder why I have no energy and can't lose weight. Trust me I know what I have to do but I just don't want to put the effort in just yet. I am not sure what I am waiting for but I am waiting for some sign.
    Does the zoloft help with your cravings also? I am having some family issues and am going nuts and then I eat 2-4 more reese cups, more handfuls of m&m and even potato chips because of the stress. If it helps you I am calling my doctor tomorrow. Let me know, MB