Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Clothes

I got to go shopping over the weekend, and it turned out to be a surprisingly fun experience!  I love Ross Dress For Less. I almost always find good deals there, if not for me, then dresses for Kate (for under $10) and stuff for my house. 

Well, over the weekend Josh and I got to go on a date and we hit up Ross.  I got a pair of black capris (size 10), two shirts and a sweatshirt (all size Small).  And I feel really good in them!  I also tried on a pair of Calvin Klein gray capris, size 10, but they were too big??? 

I'm excited for my new clothes, and just need the weather to warm up so I can wear them! :-P  Seriously, it's JUNE and it's supposed to rain this whole week. =(  When will summer ever come???

I really want to weigh myself, and I think my sister is bringing her scale so I can do so.  Yesterday my jeans were falling off my rear all day.  But then they'd get stuck on my hips and create muffin top. Yuck.  I really don't think I can fit into the next size down, but maybe?  I'm going to go to my favorite store for jeans (Maurice's) and try them on just to see.  Maybe if they are smaller and fit at my waist they won't slide down and create the muffin top.

I emailed Whitney (hi, Whitney!!!) and she emailed me back about the 17 Day Diet and I'm definitely going to do it.  I'm heading over to Amazon to buy the book as soon as I'm done writing this post.  I'm so excited, because I would LOVE to see 15 pounds gone and be able to fit into a size 8.  Actually, I don't care what size I wear as long as I don't have lots of lumps and rolls.  The scale number and the size tag on my clothes are sort of superfluous if I feel good in my own skin. 

I am happy to report that I'm still doing really well on the Zoloft.  It's made such a huge difference, and I am so thankful.  I haven't had to take any Xanax for anxiety, although there are days/times of the month when I can tell I'm more stressed/uptight.  But that's totally normal, and Jen (hi, Jen!!!!) found these things called Chill Pills (no, really.  That's what they're called!) at a health food store.  I think I'm going to buy a bottle of them for the days when I need to, well, chill out. :-D

Lately I've been having Light & Fit Vanilla yogurt with organic granola for one, sometimes two meals a day.  On the 17 day diet you're allowed two servings of yogurt a day, so that's nice.  I love it.  It's light but filling.  I haven't bought greek yogurt in a while because all I can find is unflavored, non-fat.  And I haven't really acquired a taste for it yet.  Maybe I'll start mixing it with my vanilla yogurt and then slowly phase out the sugary yogurt in favor of the greek.

All in all I'm doing really well and I'm super excited/motivated to start losing weight again.  This *IS* a weight loss blog, after all. ;-)

Mary Beth-HI!  Just wanted to say hello, cuz it's been a while. ;-)  If you don't like spices that much I wouldn't recommend making the Caribbean Chicken Salad.  Do you like Thai food? I love yellow curry, and it has the same flavor as the curry used in the salad.

Not much else going on here.  I hope you're all doing well, and I hope to have some weight loss to report soon! 

I had changed my ticker a while ago to my goal weight being 135, but today I'm changing it back to 125.  I'm not sure if I'll end up there or if my body will naturally settle somewhere between 130-135, but that's what I'm going to shoot for.  I'll also start recording my weight weekly again, but I have to get my scale back first.

Happy Hump Day! ;-)


  1. Hi :)
    Super fun to read such a lengthy post from you!
    I hope you are having a good day and Definitely keep us updated about your 17 day diet.
    When are you starting?

  2. Congrats on the new small clothes I am sure you can't wait to wear them, but please don't talk about heat it has been in the 90's for days where I live, thank goodness we have a swimming pool.
    Can't wait to hear your take on the 17 day diet. Sometimes I think no choice with eating would be easier than always trying to find something good and healthy.
    I have never heard of chill pills but now I will have to go look for them. I wonder if they have them at Whole Foods, they always carry stuff like that there.
    As for the Thai food, no I don't eat that, nor Chinese, Mexican, French, Indian or anything like that. I was brought up on steak, potatoes, and peas. Salt and pepper weren't even on the table. We had the same think week after week, meatloaf, spaghetti, chicken, pork chops, pizza on Fridays (catholic) and roast beef every Sunday.
    Have a great day hope to hear from you soon about the book, xo, MB

  3. Once you adapt to Greek Yogurt, you will never go back. Being in America, you have so many choices in brands! I love cross border shopping not only to save big bucks (about $100 a week on groceries savings!!!!) but to get the amazing Greek Yogurt!

    I want to be a size 8, no lumps too. I was when I was at 158. I want to be 155 and I will wear that. I bought some really cute white linen, size 8 pants at JC Crew in Buffalo, that I can't wait to fit into!

    Glad you're doing well my sweet! xxx