Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Man alive!
I am struggling, you guys.  I'm sorry if this is TMI, but it seems like PMS affects me for a full 2 weeks every month.  And by "affects me" I mean I'm irritable, moody and HUNGRY.  Hungry like a starving person. Like my stomach is a bottomless pit.  Frantic for food.  It's so weird.

Yesterday = EPIC FAIL.  Total and complete, no two ways about it. I ate all day long and none of it was good.  Cookies, crackers, and then taco salad for dinner.  BBQ chips and cereal.  Ugh, at the end of the day I felt sooooo gross.  I did forget to take my Zoloft yesterday, which usually cuts my appetite down a bit, so maybe that had a tiny bit to do with it???

Matt-So nice to hear from you!!  I am seriously considering adjusting my goal weight; I think you are on to something there.

MB-How are you, dear? Did you see the doctor?

Today I feel constipated and toxic so I'm going to try to fast until dinner and really get a lot of liquids in.  I need to get back in gear with the 17 Day Diet, because it was really working.  I just got tired of the meat and salad, and then PMS and my chocolate cravings hit and I was sunk.  Because I didn't have the resolve to stick it through.

So I do plan to weigh tomorrow and it will definitely be up from last week's weight. :-/ But it's my own fault, and I'll just work to be better from here on out.

I hope you are all doing well and I'll check back tomorrow!


  1. I have this problem, I do well all day and then 8:00 pm hits and for some reason while watching tv I NEED to have something crunchy. Then 9:00 and I just stare into the frig at 10:00 it is the cookies calling me and so on and so on until I go to bed feeling stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.
    If it wasn't so hot that would be a great time for me to go for a walk.
    Maybe I should padlock my frig.
    I did see the doctor and she seems to think it is larynx spasms and should just go away. It has basically stopped.
    Someday I will get it together but I don't see it happening soon.

  2. Ruth Anne, it's good to be back on here again, and you still crack me up with stuff like "Cookies, crackers, and then taco salad for dinner. BBQ chips and cereal" because it sounds so much like the kind of stuff I mindlessly eat bunches of if I'm not paying attention