Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Challenge

I was doing GREAT! Until I wasn't. :-P

The last two days, I can safely say I failed at eating well.  PMS-that's who I am blaming.  I have been craving sweets and salts.  Yikes.

Yesterday was especially bad.  My sweet mom brought doughnuts over. I love doughnuts.  With a passion.  I ate 1.5 with my coffee.  Then when the kids were down for their rests I ate some Good & Plenty candy. I love black licorice.  Then later, I ate.... I can almost not say it because it's so horrible... 5 Chips Ahoy Reeses PB cup cookies. Five. FIVE!!!!

Oh my word.  If that isn't horrible I don't know what is.  And I felt it, too.  I was sick and impatient and lethargic and it was horrible. 

So today I vow to do better.  I haven't eaten anything yet, because I don't feel hungry.  When I do, I'll eat my greek yogurt with granola.

My 17 Day Diet book is scheduled to come in tomorrow, YAY! I can't wait to read it, buy the ingredients and get started. 

Also, Ms Aunt Flo is showing up today, so hopefully by Thursday the water retention will go down and I'll have 2 days of good eating under my belt. 

On a completely different topic... Mary Beth.  The reason I love the Carolinas so much?  3 words:
Dorothea Benton Frank
I love her books.  More than I love doughnuts, and that's saying something.  They are FANTASTIC and they are set in S. Carolina.
So that's where my love for the Carolinas stem from.  =)
I hope you're all doing well today!


  1. Good luck today.
    YEAH, PMS makes eating healthy harder!

  2. Well finally something we do not have in common, black licorice, hate it. As for the donuts, they seem so simply to eat, especially with that hole. I eat reese cups for breakfast everyday so I will have to go look for those cookies, thanks alot one more thing for me to shove in my mouth, ugh!
    So the attraction to the Carolinas is in those books, I will have to read one. I have to say I vacation in the Outerbanks and Hilton Head and love it. I have been to alot of cities in both North and South and they are very charming. I am going to download her first book right now. xo, MB
    BTW: Thursday it is suppose to be 97 in my town, please do not talk about wanting hot weather again!

  3. My brother and sister in law are moving to North Carolina next month. It's quite a big deal for them to settle into America. We can't wait to visit as the Carolinas are a common vacation spot for Canadians.

    You didn't eat a whole bag. Look on the bright side and continue on. Looking forward to your view on the book, especially as a HCG successful dieter. My friends have done well on the 17 day diet.

    Thanks for leaving comments RA. I do adore you.xxxx