Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Days

The sun is finally beginning to make an appearance, and I think it's safe to say the entire state is ecstatic. :-D

We've seen enough of the rain and the clouds and the fog to last us well into October, when it may then get cool again so we can start baking apple and pumpkin pies. =)

I ordered my 17 Day Diet book, and it should be here by Wednesday.  I'm excited to read through it and start.  I plan to weigh again on Thursday when my sister is here and I can use her scale.  I don't really expect to see a number lower than 139.4 (my last weigh in) because my period is supposed to come any day and I usually retain water and gain weight.

So, we'll see.  I'm not too worried, but I am excited to begin the diet and hopefully be at 125 sooner rather than later. =)

Mary Beth-I don't usually eat right before bed, although last night I did have  a bowl of greek yogurt with strawberries and granola before bed AND I had really vivid weird dreams.  So you may be on to something there! 

I'm doing well otherwise.  Loving the sunshine and being able to be outside in the fresh air. 

I also started up my vitamin regiment again.  I take a lot of supplements.  A LOT.  I have to take them at night otherwise they make me super nauseated and I end up throwing up.  So I got one of those pill holders that old people use and by golly, that thing is chock full of the vitamins that will hopefully make me healthier and help me feel better!

Here is a rundown:

1 multivitamin
1 antioxidant
3 Icelandic Kelp
1 B-12
3 Calcium and Magnesium
3 Vitamin D
2 Fish Oil Omega 3

I think that's it.  I also take a digestive enzyme with each meal.  I was forgetting to take all those pills, which is why I decided to just put them in the pill organizer; that way I can dump them out all at once and take them before bed, instead of opening 7+ jars of vitamins every night.

Interesting, huh? :-P

I am having a really, really hard time getting my water in.  I just don't think to drink it, and if I drink too much at once I get sick.  But I'm working on it.  Because it's really important, I think.

I've been doing well with the June Challenge of eating well.  I have had my fair share of treats; we had company on Saturday for a BBQ and I made strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream and it was divine.  I also made the Caribbean Chicken Salad... which is not nearly as good in the low-fat version. =(  It doesn't have such a full, robust flavor as when I use full fat mayo and sour cream.  I think the next time I make it I'll use regular mayo and non-fat sour cream.  I'll report back. =) 

Anyway, as I said, I've had my share of treats, but I've been really careful to eat in moderation and stop when I don't feel hungry.  It's so easy to just mindlessly keep plowing through the goodies.  But then I end up sick and fat.  So, that's not good. ;-)

So far today I've had one pancake with whipped cream and strawberries, and 1/2 a cup of coffee with cream. Yum. =)

I need to get off my fanny and do my chores, so I'll see you on the flip side. =)

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  1. Hey,
    Yes, you are right. The sun can stay out til october. ;)
    Hope today is a great day