Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Day

Argh, here we go again! Compiling lists of addresses of houses to check out. It's such tedious, time consuming work! But the end result will be a house for us to live in, so it's worth it. ;-)

Today was a great day, eating wise. I ate no grains or dairy. For breakfast I had an orange, a banana and 3 turkey sausage. For lunch I had a green smoothie. For dinner I had baked chicken and green beans. I had a cup of coffee with non-dairy creamer. My husband brought home some organic milk chocolate, so I did have a couple small squares of that... and there is some milk in it. But overall, I was dairy and grain free.

My back is starting to feel better, so I'm hoping to start doing some HIIT on the treadmill or maybe even attempt the Shred soon. I've had my nephew the past 2 days, have my niece and nephew tomorrow, then have to pack up my kiddos and head to Seattle with Josh to house hunt. So the days are very busy.

I've read more than once that 80% of losing weight is diet and 20% is exercise. So I figure if I really watch my food and eat lower calories and cut out grains and dairy, I just may have a fighting chance of continuing to lose weight, even without regular exercise. We'll see how that goes. =)


  1. I hope house shopping is fun for you and not stressful! So many in this world would love to be out buying houses...we are blessed! Way to eat're doing well!

  2. You are doing amazing even with all the added stress. I agree that you lose weight at the table, but you get healthy at the gym.