Friday, February 19, 2010

Perfect 10 Challenge Update

Happy Friday everyone!

Last night I had Chinese food. Say what!?!? Yep, I did. I had chow mein and orange chicken. And then got a super bad stomach ache and... well, let's just say spicy orange chicken is not nearly as nice coming up as it is going down.

I weighed and I gained 1/2 a pound; my official weigh in is on Monday. Hopefully I'll lose it again before then.

We're going away for the weekend, and we're bringing some food and eating out too. So I'll strive to make good choices.

I don't have much of anything interesting to report or say today; mostly I'm just getting ready to go away, getting the kids psyched up, writing out their schedules, etc...

It was suggested we give a fact about our father, in honor of Steve's dad. My dad died in a boating accident when I was 4 and I may devote a different post to it. Today, I don't have the mental energy to go there. SO. My silly fact for the day is this:

I can't eat cinnamon candy of any kind. Altoids, Cinnabears, Hot Tamales, Red Hots... etc. They give me a MASSIVE headache. Just thinking about them makes my head start throbbing. I hate them so bad that if I were starving on a deserted island, with only cinnamon candy for food, I'd probably die before eating them. ;-)

So, this next week I plan to cook up some more chicken and keep my grains and dairy to a minimum. The only dairy I'm having is in the occasional latte. Which, granted, is a LOT of milk. But sometimes I just need that caffeine boost. The grains are way harder. I realized yesterday that I can eat corn chips, with say, GUACAMOLE! YUM. But I tend to not have very good portion control when it comes to that. ;-)

This weekend I'm bringing some Rice Works chips- Sweet Chili- with us. I know rice is a grain. I know I'm going to eat some. They are SOOO good. I could easily eat the whole bag over the weekend. So I'm only going to bring a portion with us.

I'm also working on keeping up my water intake.

Oh! And jumping on the exercise trampoline? Two words: BONE JARRING OUCH!!! It is NOT the same as the big, floppy, soft, cushy trampolines that you see in backyards. My body was literally cracking as I jumped, holding my hand weights. I called it quits after ten minutes (and even going that long was HARD).

Well, I'm off. I hope you all are doing well and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. With ya on the corn chips. Other than really good pizza, a big basket of salty corn chips and salsa is about as tough as it gets for me when it comes to portion control. I have kicked many a basket in my time!

  2. That's funny. I love cinnamon. I will say the altoids can be pretty spicy.

  3. Oooh I'll bet you were sore today after that workout!! It's totally true, by the way, jumping stimulates the lymph which is the way your body gets rid of the toxins and yes, fat dumped into the bloodstream.

    That's why I love jump roping for my HIIT because the bouncing helps with that AS WELL as getting my heart rate up and burning fat. I'm always stiff and sore when I am done though, and I hear it's a good booty workout. =)

  4. I LOVE CINNAMON ALTOIDS!!!! They weren't available in Canada for the longest time, so I would have them shipped from the US. They are curiously strong!

    I hope your weekend goes well!