Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweaty Mess

Whew, I just finished my workout and I am a... sweaty mess! It's definitely getting easier and is TOTALLY doable. I don't know why I have to fight an Armageddon battle to talk myself into doing it every day. Today I sooooooooo badly wanted to just curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my new library book. I didn't want to sweat and ache and feel my muscles burn. I almost caved and just did my Leslie video because it's easier for me. But I did the Shred instead.

Sunshine Mama-Um, you'd probably breeze right through the whole thing, because you are in WAY better shape than I am! You might just start right in on Level 3, but then it's pretty pointless to buy the DVD. ;-)

I've had a cup of coffee, 2 oranges, 2 eggs, 2 turkey dogs and 2 squares of dark chocolate with sea salt (YUM). I ate the turkey dogs and chocolate right before I worked out, and I wouldn't recommend it. It's not so pleasant. :-P

My husband is once again out of town for work, so it's just the kidlets and I. We are having some friends over for dinner, so that will be fun. Speaking of which, I need to put a loaf of bread in the breadmaker. I won't be having any. =( I'm making spaghetti for all the kiddos but will probably eat my chicken tonight. I'm getting very tired of chicken, but this last batch I made I didn't season quite right. I just sprinkled some Lawry's seasoning salt, garlic and onion powder on them. They are much better and way more moist when I marinate them.

I had refried beans, hamburger and a few crushed corn chips with salsa for dinner last night and my stomach has been in turmoil ever since. It feels like that stuff is gluing my stomach/intestines together. Blech. Won't be repeating that.

It's also once again time to go to the grocery store. I get SO tired of making that trip! But I have to do it if I'm going to keep my chicken, fruits and veggies stocked.

Well, I'm off to shower and then do some housework. Yay. Not. ;-)

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  1. Which Leslie do you have? :) I just use weights to make them a little more intense for me...

    You are doing it! Keep it up! :)