Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caaaaan you feel, the looooove tonight....

Hey Everyone,
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words, encouragement, ideas, everything. It means so much to me. It means the difference between giving up, and actually DOING what I blog about... continuing on even when it looks impossible.

I took this weekend off. I haven't binged by any means, but I'm also not counting calories or worrying about what I'm eating. I'll start fresh on Monday after I go to the store and have chicken and spinach on hand again. ;-)

Apparently cutting out all grains and most carbs (carbs from wheat and bread mostly; I still ate vegetables and they have some carbs) didn't really give me the weight loss catalyst I was hoping for. So, back to the drawing board.

I think I will go back to calorie counting, and try to stick mainly to lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, but not restrict myself from ever having dairy and carbs. Basically, I'm going to shoot for a well rounded meal, but not eat the entire loaf of bread slathered with honey butter or whatever. =)

I think I'm also going to try to get back on the treadmill for my HIIT. Since I stopped doing that my weight loss has stopped. It all depends on my hip/SI joint, but I'll give it a go. I'll also keep my Leslie video with weights in rotation, and if I can figure out how to fix my Shred video, I'll do that too. Maybe do a video one day and HIIT on the treadmill the next or something.

I am feeling much, much better. I basically cried all day yesterday so my husband came home and held me, then I went to a baby shower for my sister and then came home and went to bed. I slept horribly, but at least I was laying in bed resting. I do think that my thyroid is all sorts of wonky again. I'm constantly freezing, then sweating, and I *feel* horrible. Like, emotionally. I have bouts of rage which is how I was before I saw Dr.Ray in Arizona.

I just saw him a few weeks ago, so it shouldn't be back like this already. I'm hoping that what happened is the drops I take (which are electrically charged water, specific to my body and hormones) may have gotten messed up from the x-ray machine at the airport. Dr. Ray did warn me of this and since all I had was a small duffle, I'm hoping that's what happened. I ordered more and they are mailing them to me so we'll see if they help.

Anyway, I'm doing much better and I'm ever so grateful for all of you guys. I really, really am. Without your support I think I would have thrown in the towel. Except that I *NEED* to get this weight off. So, here we go. The skinny turtle is back in the race! =)


  1. I'm so glad you're doing better. I've been worried about you! I'm so glad that you didn't throw in the towel and that you're not restricting yourself so much. (chicken every meal must get to you after a while!?!) You'll find your way RA!

  2. Hoorah! Go get em' turtle! (funny that doesn't sound as inspirational as I thought it would)