Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So ding dang tired!

I could sleep for about 25850 hours straight, it feels like. My kiddos were up until past 10 last night; it was so frustrating! Normally they are asleep by 8:30 at the latest. And did they sleep in this morning? No, they did not.

Today has been interesting. I have my 7 month niece here, which is super fun. But my little Owen, who is 2, had a major melt down today. He was just crying and thrashing around for over 10 minutes in my arms. I wasn't holding him tightly, but I wasn't going to put him down until he was done. He was SOBBING. I was talking quietly to him, asking him what was wrong. Finally, he managed to splutter, "I MISS DADDY!" Oh my goodness, I could practically HEAR my heart breaking. Yesterday he randomly came up and told me that he had missed my husband and I when he was at grandma's house. So we called Josh and he talked to Owen for a bit and things were better after that.

Josh and I are supposed to go away this weekend to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, but I just don't know if I can do it. I talked to Josh about just taking the kids with us. I don't want to put any more stress or strain on them. Sheesh, I'm crying just writing this! It's so sad and stressful.

Anyway, eating wise I've done pretty good. I had celery sticks and hummus for breakfast, a few baby carrots for snack and 1 oatmeal/cranberry cookie. I shouldn't have had the cookie, since it has both dairy and grains (not to mention lots of sugar and fat) but I won't be eating anymore.

I sort of expected to see a much bigger loss than .5 pound on my last weigh in, since I cut out basically 95% of all dairy and grains from my diet. We'll see what the scale says on Friday when I weigh for the Perfect 10 Challenge. I am doing my best to stick to it; my main problem is in the area of snacks. There aren't THAT many options to snack on when you cut out all grains and dairy.

My kiddos are resting now, so I'm going to go attempt to do the Shred. My ding dang back is hurting again; it seems every time I get back in gear and start exercising it flares up. I may just do the modified "easy" versions of all the exercises. And I need to eat something for lunch, too, since it's almost 2pm. I have one chicken breast left, so that'll probably do it.


  1. I totally get what your saying and I find myself even feeling bad for Owen, a kid that I've never met! But my opinion is that wedding anniversaries are very special and this should be your and Josh's chance for quality alone time with each other. Sure, the kid will miss y'all I think he'll benefit from having more energized, less stressed parents who had a chance to recharge too. Geez, I'm not even that good at weight loss and now here I go playing the role of the relationship specialist!

  2. I agree with Matt, and of course Owen will miss you, but you need some rest time too. But of course, you know best! Have a great weekend either way!