Friday, February 12, 2010

Perfect 10 Update

***Steve, who started the Perfect 10 Challenge, needs prayers, good thoughts, etc... as his father died of a heart attack yesterday.***

Well, here we are at Friday again. Today I am having a really emotional day. As in, I can't stop crying! My kiddos are so incredibly confused. We are taking them to their grandparents for the weekend while we house hunt, and they think we are moving without them. It's exhausting trying to explain to them, when their little minds don't get it.

I didn't weigh this morning; my 2 year old figured out how to jump out of his crib, so we were up pretty early. Whenever that happens I go into zombie mode, changing diapers, getting kids dressed, getting breakfast, and completely zone out weighing before I eat or drink.

My goals for this weekend and this next coming week are:

Eat no grains or dairy. I am packing up some chicken, nuts, fruits and vegetables to take with me so I don't screw up while out of town.

Drink water. Still a hardship for me. But I'm working on it.

Not give up or get depressed about lack of exercise. In a perfect world I'd have time and the physical ability to even do just 20 minutes on the treadmill. But I don't live in a perfect world, so I have to be creative.

I'm really struggling to stay positive and make this whole move an adventure for my kids. I know that if they see me crying all the time (it is impossibly hard leaving my family and friends) that it will drag them down and make them scared. So I'm trying to stay upbeat, with frequent trips to the bathroom for a little cry. ;-)

I hope that by Monday I'll see a weight loss from cutting out grains and dairy. I am sticking to this Perfect 10 Challenge, even though I really don't see how I can lose 20 pounds. Although that started out as my main goal, things have changed drastically in my life, and now my goal is to learn to live healthy no matter what stage of life I'm in.

Kyle made a great statement: "you lose weight at the table, but you get healthy at the gym." So true!

So, although I do plan to eat healthy, I will also work on fitting in some exercise here and there, even if it's just 5 minutes of marching in place, 5 push ups here and there, etc...

Ok, fact about myself:

My ankles "crack" when I walk. It sounds like I have Snap, Crackle and Pop from Rice Krispies living in my ankle joints! I could never be a Super Stealthy Sneaky Spy because my ankles would give me away every time. It doesn't hurt and it's been that way ever since I can remember. Anyone else have this?

Well, I'd best be off. I have a busy weekend ahead, as I'm sure most of you all do too! I'm not the only one with a crazy life! :-D


  1. RA....I just wanted to say that you have been on my heart and in my prayers all week, ever since I read your news. I immediately put the computer down and went to tell DH in the other room - I was so shocked!

    You want to know why? Besides the obvious, that you're moving =), because we almost did that exact same thing last year. Seriously, we were about to sign on the dotted line to move to Ohio. Even to the point of looking at houses, emailing friends that live there, etc. We didn't breath a word to our family/friends here because of the shock it would cause.

    Move away? The thought was SO foreign to me! I'd ALWAYS been here with both sides of our families, and of course everyone in the church here. I have all my circle of friends, GOOD and true, DEAR friends like you, friends I have cried with, prayed with (remember our prayer meetings?) and grown up with. I spent MANY nights in prayer and struggling with it all, crying alot.

    So I know exactly what you're going through except of course, to the point where we actually did not have to go through with it.

    I'm glad you're not moving super far away, even though I know it feels like it. God will be with you, my friend! I'm thinking of you OFTEN these days, and lifting you up in prayer.


  2. Every little bit helps exercise wise.
    I'm sorry this move has been so hard for you! It's always hard to move away from loved ones, but you never know maybe something good will come from this. Just keep your chin up!
    Yep my ankles and knees pop as well. In my case it's a combo of weight and old injuries. I bet my joints pop louder than yours! ;)

  3. My ankles don't pop.:)

    I'm really sorry about the death of his father, and how emotional and hard everything is right now. Packing all that food ahead of time will definitely help if you can't get out to exercise. But even a 20 minute walk outside by yourself will put you in a better perspective.

    I hope your day gets better.

  4. Also don't forget my other analogy about when life brings you turbulence...just keep your wings level. Worry less about your daily goals and just try and avoid a blow up. You don't need to add the disappointment of not getting to the gym or not eating more grains to the stress of what you are going through. Those items won't make a big dent in your progress of the next week+ that you'll be going through all this noise.

  5. Big hugs from Canada. My heart breaks for your kids, who are not understanding the situation. That's so hard. You'll weather this time in your life...there is a time for everything. Praying for you!