Tuesday, September 14, 2010

64 ovals, nerve damage and deodorant


Yesterday I drank 4L of pure, unadulterated water. This is huge. Like, Olympic size huge. Bigger than that, even! I didn't drink any coffee or my usual one-a-day Diet Mug Root Beer. Only water. And 4 liters at that! Without Crystal Light!

I also only ate 1 orange and 1 taco salad. I wasn't that hungry after downing all that water, and I wasn't feeling all that great.

Guess how much I lost today? Are you ready? Are you sitting down? 0.4. A whopping 0.4 is all I'm down! I almost cried, then I almost threw the scale out the window and then I got over it. As I was showering and reflecting on my feelings after stepping on the scale, I realized that I *hate* the way I have started obsessing about weight. I hate the way it affects me and my day if I don't see what I want to see. So I'm going to work on that. The number on the scale does not dictate who I am. I will not let it rule me.

So, this is me, choosing to be chipper and happy and NOT allowing the scale to rule me. It's also me wearing a size small shirt and looking a bit loopy. But I digress.
Gotta love the grainy, fuzzy phone camera quality. ;-)

Moving on...

Yesterday when I went to pick Kate up from school, her teacher asked if any of the parents wanted to help with a cutting project. I should have taken my cue from all the other experienced parents vigorously shaking their heads and backing away like she was offering a bout of smallpox. But me, being the dumb, goofy Labrador type I am volunteered. I was thinking I'd be cutting 20 or so whatever-she-neededs. The teacher bounded over, plopped a pack of card stock weighing approximately 3 pounds into my arms and happily told me I needed to trace and cut SIXTY FOUR ovals for frames.

Did you know ovals need the middles cut out as well? Yeah, it took forever and I quickly realized my tracing and cutting skills are quite sub par. She may have been better off asking the kids themselves to do it. But, she's a kindergarten teacher, right? There's no way she can be a perfectionist. If she is, she will be having nightmares for many moons to come.

My wonderful husband helped me cut them out, but not before I damaged the nerves in my right thumb. It's seriously numb and it's now the next morning. The indentations from the scissors are still there, too. The things I do for my kids.

Moving on again...

I need some good deodorant recommendations. I currently use Dove or Degree, but neither one seems equipped to handle the sweat glands under my arms known as Niagra Falls. If you are a heavy sweater (and I don't mean the warm, cozy kind you wear!) or if you just love your deodorant, PLEASE help me out and let me know what you use. The people around me thank you in advance.

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!


  1. One of my students suggested I switch to male's antiperspirant - Axe Dry. The Kilo and Clix scent are very feminine and I don't smell like a man. I find it works great for me.

    The scale - you're almost where you want to be. Stay strong!!!!

  2. Melaleuca has one that Sarah uses and swears by. That's also her prob. I have extra here if you want to try this weekend.
    Also, you can get cushioned scissors at Walmart and fabric stores. If you'd like to continue to help... They really work. I found out when i was doing all the cutting for Christopher. There's also a pair that springs back up when you release, those are the ones I love! You only push down, you don't have to pull up.