Friday, September 24, 2010

I hit the jackpot!!!

First off, welcome to The Skinny Turtle "fallified". =) I love, love, love fall. Thanksgiving, my birthday, baking, candles, cozy fires, peppermint mochas, chai lattes, it's all occur in the autumn and I just love it with all my heart.

Today I hit the jackpot. I am so incredibly ecstatic about this!!!! Seriously, I am giddy.

I googled "clean eating peach cobbler" and I stumbled upon this treasure trove.

If you didn't click the link, it's The Gracious Pantry. A site that Tiffany runs that is simply overflowing with delicious, delectable, doable CLEAN EATING RECIPES!!!

Alfredo sauce? Yep. Chai lattes? Yep. Chili dogs? Yep. Chicken Pot Pie? Yep. And, of course, PEACH COBBLER!

Can you feel it? Can you feel my excitement coming at you through the screen? Seriously. Jackpot.

Go check it out.

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