Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 1 of Low Calorie

Hello Friends!
I hope you're having a marvelous holiday weekend! I guess it's coming to a close now, but I still hope it was great. =)

I had a good time. Chilling with my kiddos and Josh, we've had friends over for dinner the last two days, and I was binging. Now, when I say binging, pictures of me cramming food hand over fist come to mind, no? Well, that's not how it went down. When I binge for my HCG diets, it doesn't mean I consume copious amounts of food. It means I eat high fat, high sugar foods that I wouldn't normally eat.

I had apple turnovers, apple crisp (homemade and it was delicious if I do say so myself!), pasta, garlic bread, chocolate, and lots of homemade strawberry jam. Not all at once, and not in huge quantities. But I definitely didn't stop myself from eating whatever I desired. I'm gonna miss that strawberry jam. It'll probably all be gone by the time I can have it again. *sigh*

I haven't weighed myself since last Wed, when I was 144.2 so I really had no idea how much I was going to weigh today. I was hoping to not weigh more than 146 after my binges, and my wish was fulfilled. =)

I start my third round of HCG at 145.4, which is a bit more than 2 pounds up from my lowest weight. I'm good with that. I'm thinking that I'll stay on the HCG until I get to 130; 15 pounds to lose. I'll reevaluate that as the end of my 21 days gets closer and I see how close to my goal I am.

Today is my first low calorie day and so far it's gone well. I wasn't tempted to eat breakfast; I rarely am hungry in the morning. So I had a cup of coffee with fat free creamer; now, this is technically cheating. You aren't supposed to have anything extra, but since it's fat free I am allowing myself to enjoy it. It does have sugar, so I have to be careful how much I have. If you know me, my coffee is half creamer, so I have to cut waaaaay back.

I had baked chicken and salad for lunch. I'll have baked chicken and grilled asparagus for dinner. Can you believe it!? No broccoli! Yet. ;-)

I am not a huge fan of chicken; it makes me a little queasy. And since I eat chicken and sometimes extra extra lean hamburger on this diet, I need to find a way to get around that little obstacle. Enter spices/sauces.

I've got Fiest Lime, Smokehouse Maple, Garlic and Herb and Orange sauce. I have to use the orange sauce really sparingly, as it is high in sugar/calories. The others I sprinkle to my heart's content.

Here's the weird part about me. I can eat COLD chicken just fine, no problemo. It's when it's baked and warm that it creeps me out. I just baked a pan of 6 chicken breasts, which equals 12 or 13 meals for me. I seasoned them with my spices/sauces and now they are chilling in the fridge. I'll either cut them up over salad, or else I'm contemplating making a sort of chicken soup. Basically it'll be broth with onions and some celery and my chicken but I think it will be good on cold days.

I still struggle to drink enough water. I'm supposed to drink 2L a day, and today I've only had probably 12oz. I need to work on that, and work on finding a tea I can drink without cream. It's easier to get my 2L in if I flavor it with Crystal Light type stuff, but again, I don't really fancy putting all those chemicals into my body. If only I liked plain ol' water this would be so much easier.

Anyhoo, now that you all are bored out of your heads, I'll wrap this up. I'll probably continue with weekly weigh-ins, unless I have a big drop in weight, in which case I'll shout it out on this here blog. :-D

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!


  1. I know you'll have continued success with this HCG diet. It's crazy, but it's working girl!!!!! :)

  2. This diet IS crazy, but it is working!

    I have home made strawberry jam in the house too and it is WONDERfUL. When I can upload pictures again, I'll post it.

    I use Mrs. Dash spices too. Have you also tried their marinades? I use them just like sauces and dip my chicken in them. The zesty garlic herb is my favorite and is only ten calories a teaspoon.

  3. Ruth Anne,

    There are some great chicken soups that have broccoli and spinach in them... wouldn't that fulfill your "meal" requirements?

    Also, it's hard to find, but Crystal Light FINALLY makes a drink mix in a packet (it's called a Sport drink) that is NATURALLY flavored... FYI... it is the only one I can drink.

    Good luck!