Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Hee hee, I always snicker whenever anyone says that. ;-) But it IS Wednesday, so we ARE getting over the "hump" of the week. And I AM happy. So there. :-D

I was down another 1.2 pounds today! I really hope I'm able to hit my goal of 130 within the 21 days of the diet this time. That would make me so very happy! I am going down to visit my dear friend Jen at the end of this month, when she has her baby girl (YAY YAY YAY YAY) and I would love to be done with the diet at that point.

I currently weigh 141.6; sooooo close to the 130's! I will be ecstatic when I'm actually IN the 130's, but I gotta say, I'm pretty darn happy with the way things are going. =)

My sister comes in this Friday to visit for the weekend, and that makes my heart sing! She hasn't been here since we moved, and she is bringing my sweetie pie niece, Savannah with her. Savannah is a little over a year old and such a cuddlebug. Love her to bits and pieces!

Yesterday I was a little more hungry and was really, really tempted by the strawberry ice cream my family had for dessert. BUT, with me on the HCG and the Challenge, there was no way I was going to indulge. So I ate my apple and pretended it was just as good as the ice cream. ;-)

I need to see if anyone around here still carries the honey crisp apples. They are really sweet and crunchy and basically they are just as good as ice cream. Gotta check that out.

I have a friend coming over with her kiddos for a playdate, so I gotta scoot.

Have a great Hump Day! :-D


  1. Way to resist. I have never even dreamed of being in the 130's!!!! You are amazing! Jen's having a girl??? Please give her a huge congrats from me. Is she telling names yet? When does baby come? Would you be willing to e-mail me a mailing address for her or yourself, so I could send a little gift?