Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Just a real quick post today. Things are good. Life is good. But very, very busy. =)

I confess:

I am afraid the size small yoga pants I bought won't fit now that they've been washed and dried.

I do NOT wear a size 4/6. I'm a solid 8, and maybe even a 9.

I threw away all the chocolate biscotti I made. It ended up not being my cup of tea.

I made a batch of my favorite cookies ever today. There are copious amounts of sugar and butter in them. And when I say copious, I mean 2 cups of butter and 3 of sugar.

I did not go to spinning class today, but instead took my boys to the library.

I haven't written down what I eat each day in my notebook since Day 2.

I am getting my ring back today, after having it re-sized. I wear a size 4 ring. And it makes me feel like a little kid. Thankfully, because the ring I have has 2 bands the jeweler suggested I size it down to 4.5; phew! So much better. :-P

I almost put Tahini in my crepes yesterday instead of coconut butter. And now I can't return the jar that cost me $12.50 and I'm not even sure I want.

I have basically dropped completely out of the Treat Free September Challenge and feel guilty that I don't feel guilty. Make sense?

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN!!! (She is the mother of the miracle baby born on Monday. Hi Miss Macy!!)

I will be back in spin class on Friday. For sure.


  1. Don't you feel guilty. You can only do what you can do!!! Think about all you have accomplished and now maintain, maintain and be healthy.

  2. It sounds like your sister-in-law's baby is ok? That's good to hear.

    Also since I last visited it sounds like you're down four or five pounds. Good job!