Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bikinis, Challenges, Freudian Slips and Kidnappers

Good title, no? :-D

Ok, first up is bikinis. While we were on vacay I wore my bikini to the pool, and felt fine in it. I knew I wasn't the hottest babe around, but I also wasn't the biggest. I could lay out with my hubby and not feel self-conscious. However... there was quite a bit of flab still hanging on for dear life, which is what spurred me to do the HCG one more time.

Now, I was gonna be all clever and say I'd post a pic of me in my bikini and then what I'd REALLY post was a picture/drawing of a turtle in a bikini. And although I won 12 swagbucks for searching for "turtle in a bikini", apparently there are NO images, either real or drawn, of a turtle wearing a bikini.

I did find, however, a picture of a turtle in wedding garb:

But I'm already married, so I don't need a wedding dress.

I also found a starfish in a bikini. And a santa hat.

And many, many, many other images I did not need to see. Lawsamercy! You have to be careful what you search for, otherwise your eyes can be seared into blindness with what google brings up.

Moving on to Challenges.

I am doing Dawne's Challenge... except not quite yet. :-D I am dropping out of the first week of the challenge, because in order to do HCG the "right" way you are supposed to binge the first two days. Originally I was going to do that without treats, but then I thought... Am I crazy!? I'll be living on chicken and broccoli for the next 3 weeks and I was also starting to go a little bit crazy. So I ate some monkey bread. And disqualified myself from the first week of the challenge. But starting MONDAY, I am all over the Treat Free September challenge!

Freudian Slips. Back in my recap of the vacation post, I made a Freudian slip and it's been bothering me ever since. I stated that Indio, CA is smack dab in the middle of the dessert. Now, I'd like to see the size of THAT pie, eh!? I mean, if Indio, CA was in the middle of a brownie, that'd be one heckuva huge brownie!! What I meant to say was desert. As in, barren, dry, sandy, sun-baked land. Phew, glad I got that off my back.

On to kidnapping, and this one is seriously freaky/weird/unnerving/gross/scary. Kate started school, as you all know, and yesterday she came home with a little folder full of papers for me. She got 3 stars for good behavior her first 3 days of school. GO KATE!! And the menu. Dude, have things changed since I went to school! I mean, they get stuff like Asian salad, BBQ burgers and twisty fries, shrimp poppers, beef teriyaki dippers, chicken poppers and sweet potato fries, etc... Can you believe that!? Too bad for Kate I'm packing her lunch, and it's turkey and cheddar on whole wheat.

ANYWAY, moving on. We ALSO got another paper. A paper that would change our entire evening, and in reality, our lives. Sort of. Apparently there is a kidnapper/sex offender who has just been released from prison. Because he lives near the school (2 minutes away), they have to send out a flier. Well, guess who else lives two minutes from the school? Yep, us. And guess who is basically next door neighbors with this convicted kidnapper/sex offender? Yep, us. =( Did your stomach just drop? Mine did.

Since we haven't lived here all that long we didn't recognize the address on the flier until our other neighbor (totally NOT kidnappers OR sex offenders, but they do buy live goats, kill them and roast them in their backyard) came over and talked to us about it.

See, our house faces a street. If you're into feng shui at all, we basically have a death arrow situation going on. Good thing I'm not superstitious, huh? Anyway, our front door faces a side road. And the kidnapper/sex offender is the first house on that side road. EEEEKKKK!!!!

Apparently our neighbors know the owner of the house and have contacted him and let him know we're all very concerned. Our whole street is FULL of families with small children. They usually play out in the yards, ride their bikes up and down the street. Like as if we were back in the good ol' days when it was safe to do those things. And now there is this creepy, sick, messed up man living right smack dab in the middle of our little safety zone.

I sure hope the owner of the house (who OBVIOUSLY didn't do a background check. HELLO!?!?) is able to evict him and have him move somewhere far, far away from children. And my family.

Ugh, I get sick every time I think about it and will now be fretting and keeping our doors and windows locked 24/7.

Ok, enough about that for now.

So, I decided to "binge" correctly. Speaking of binging, does anyone else read that word as "bing-ing" and immediately think of Chandler Bing?

I don't know what is up with the small pictures, but I'm not technologically inclined, so whatev.

MOVING ON... as I was saying, I decided to do this HCG thing correctly and, as instructed, load up on fat the first 2 days. So this morning I made monkey bread, oatmeal pancakes and (turkey) bacon for breakfast. It was so delicious. I didn't gorge myself. I didn't eat past full. But I enjoyed every bite of it. I have one more day of eating what I want, and then it's on to the low cal part. Not nearly as fun.

If you have stayed with me this far, and ignored all the "anyways" and "moving ons", I applaud you. Bravo!

Ok, so I think that's all I have to say for now. I'll be back on Monday with a weigh-in. I haven't weighed the last two days, although when I weighed on Thursday I was back down to 144.2; so I'm hoping I won't blow myself out of the water with this binging (CHANDLER! (Said in Janice's nasal, pinched, really loud voice)).

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Every body deserves a second chance but I don't think I could handle this right next door to my kids.