Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Post

Happy, Happy Friday!

I didn't lose anything today. =( But, I didn't gain either and I did cheat a little yesterday. I ran out of chicken and haven't bought any beef yet, so for dinner I ate two 97% fat free kosher Hebrew National dogs. They are very salty and probably have more fat than chicken, despite being 97% fat free.

I'm not too worried, but a little disappointed. It's hard to stick to the bare bones diet and when the scale doesn't move, it makes it harder.

My sister comes in today, and she is also on the diet. So we plan to enjoy our chicken and broccoli together, as well as talk and laugh and just hang out. We are both as excited as kids in a candy store. =)

I am so glad it's Friday! It seems like I have hardly seen Josh, or Kate for that matter. It's so different having her in school all day. It's definitely good for her; she loves it. But the day just flies by so much more quickly than before.

So I'm really, really looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family, my sis and my niece.

Oh! I had sort of an epiphany yesterday as I made my salad for lunch. I sprinkled some of my spices-the Smokehouse Maple- on top and it totally added some nice crunch and flavor! Score! (Yes, I just said SCORE!) I put a bit too much and it was too salty, but now I know for future reference.

I still need to check out the Crystal Light and Talking Rain. Thanks for the tips, girls!

I hope you all have a fabulously great weekend!


  1. Oh man, I KNOW - don't the days just ZOOM by when she is at school?? For me I think it's because 1) I'm keeping my eye on the clock all day to make sure everything (lunch, naps, etc) goes smoothly so I am ready to go get her. And 2) because it is SO fun having such a nice quiet break in my day! I'm enjoying it so much (from 7 to 3 kids makes a big difference!) and I'm always thinking of all these things I want to do, and not enough time. =)

    Have fun with Liz and Savannah! (or is it Samantha? lol!)

  2. Enjoy your weekend beautiful. I thought out you tonight because boneless chicken breasts were 1/2 price. Our half price is probably your regular price though.