Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking Up

First of all, thank you all for your prayers for my little niece. She seems to be doing well, last I heard. =)

I've had a lot of stress over the last week and just don't really feel like blogging about food/exercise/weight loss. It just seems trivial and unimportant.

I did weigh myself this morning and was back down to 140.0; I've stopped weighing every day and plan to weigh once a week. But I had some stomach issues yesterday resulting in some fast elimination. ;-) Gross, I know.

Anyway, I did try my hand at a couple clean eating recipes. The first one I tried was from The Gracious Pantry and it was a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

EPIC FAIL. But it was my fault. Now, if you're thinking these cookies are like traditional chocolate chip cookies, you'd be wrong. There's just no way they can be similar when the clean version doesn't have sugar or butter. They tasted pretty good, but it would've been easy to stop at one, IF they had turned out.

What happened is that I didn't have any parchment paper to bake on, so I used wax paper. SOOOO not the same, apparently. The cookies stuck to the paper and I ended up with crumbs. The next batch I baked on a Pam-sprayed cookie sheet. That didn't work either. They were stuck on there like cement. So finally I just took the rest of the batter and spread it in a small casserole dish and made peach cobbler out of it. I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if it turned out.

The next recipe I tried was one of Tosca Reno's for Honey Almond cookies and they turned out much better. They still aren't sweet like a traditional cookie, but they go very well with coffee or tea, and again, it's easy to stop at one.

Yesterday I also did a home experiment and tried to clean up my crepe recipe. EPIC FAIL. I used brown rice flour, coconut butter, almond milk, eggs and sea salt. They were so disgusting! The rice flour made them sticky/chewy and tasted like rice. (Duh!) I ended up throwing the whole lot in the garbage and making my usual recipe.

I think I bought the wrong kind of coconut butter. I've cooked with it before and I remember it being very soft and easy to spread. What I have now is rock hard and when I tried to melt it in the microwave, it burned before it even began to soften. I looked at the bottle and it says it's made with coconut flesh, not just the oil, so I think that must be the difference.

I still haven't had a chance to absorb the Clean Eating principles. I haven't incorporated them totally into our meals, and need to read up on the complex carb/protein idea. Things have just taken a back seat to all the things I'm dealing with currently.

Not much else to report, so I'll sign off for now.

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