Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello Folks!
I've been having some issues with my internet, but I think they are resolved now. Crossing my fingers!

I was down a bit today, a little less than half a pound. I forgot to eat my second apple yesterday. I enjoyed two salads with seasoned chicken, sweet onion, tomatoes and romaine. They were really quite good!

I also went grocery shopping yesterday. My goodness, I forget what torture it is to shop when you're hungry/can't have all the goodness spread out before you!! I went to Costco and the smells of the samples/deli were almost too much. My stomach was roaring at me, because I hadn't eaten dinner before I went and it was fairly late.

I made it through, though. I'm sad to report there are no honeycrisp apples in the stores here. =( I am constantly on an endeavor to find a crisp, sweet, crunchy apple. Mushy apples are the WORST.

I am enjoying the spices I bought for my chicken. So far the Fiesta Lime is my favorite. It packs a lot of flavor and covers up the "gamey" taste of the chicken. I'm weird and after a bit chicken starts to really gross me out. So I have to slather it with some other flavor and trick myself into eating it.

I also need to get some extra lean ground beef, for variety.

Other than that, not much to report. I'm doing pretty good at getting all my water in. I'm taking my vitamins and getting to bed before 9:30 each night. I'm not always asleep by then, and I don't always sleep through the night, but at least my body is in bed and resting.

I have felt pretty tired the last 2 days. Not during the day, necessarily, but it is so hard to get out of my soft, cozy, warm bed in the morning. Hopefully it passes soon.

I am wearing a Nike warm up type jacket and get this... it's a size S (4/6). That's what the tag says, and I can zip it up no problem without it being skin tight! WOOT! My 9/10 pants are also really sagging, but they are nowhere near size 4/6. ;-) I've always been a pear shape. Smaller on top, bigger on bottom. I do plan to go shopping while my sis is here so maybe I'll try on some size 8 jeans and see how they fit.

My sister comes tomorrow and I can't wait! It's so nice to have something to look forward to, and a motivator to clean the house. ;-)

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  1. Have you tried Gala apples? I find that they are crisp and sweet enough for me... I also do not like "mushy" apples. They tend to be cheaper than the honey crisp as well.