Monday, September 20, 2010

Switching Gears

Hiya Folks!

How are you? I am fabulous. Just really, really good. =)

The wedding was wonderful; the bride and groom are totally smitten with each other and had stars in their eyes. =) I received some very nice compliments on my weight-loss and dress. I also got a cute new pair of shoes.

I just spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to find a pic online and wasn't successful. Just take my word for it. They are cute. And comfy!

I quit the HCG. I had been on the fence and on Friday was really on the verge of just losing it. I decided that wasn't healthy and ended my diet early. Despite taking my drops from Dr. Ray to keep my hormones even keeled, the HCG just messed up my hormones too much. I was starting to snap at my kids, and that was the beginning of the end. I will not be a witch to my family just because I want to lose weight.

So Friday night and Saturday I ate moderately. Saturday I had 2 egg whites and an apple for breakfast, baked chicken, green beans and salad for lunch, a couple bites of cake, and a cinnamon, raisin, vanilla english muffin for dinner.

Yesterday I had some scrambled eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast, tuna fish with apples and pickles (sounds crazy but it's seriously DELICIOUS!) eaten on Veggie Chips and for dinner we went to a friend's house and is where my story gets crazy.

We had chicken enchiladas, rice, corn on the cob, salad, guacamole and chips. Even with taking a small portion of each, it was still a lot of food. And then we topped it off with my homemade pumpkin scones with cream cheese frosting and a cup of coffee.

SO. Needless to say, I am out of the running for the treat free September challenge this week.

But you know what? I'm okay with that. I ate with very good portion control; I had only 1/4 of the scone and stopped when I was full. Same with my meal.

This morning I weighed 140.0 I have seen 138.8 on Friday morning, so I am up a bit, but that's to be expected with such a heavy meal last night.

I finally broke out Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Recharged last night. I AM IN LOVE! I am so super excited to start cooking and eating this way. Now I need a good recommendation for where I can get more clean recipes. What is the magazine; Oxygen?? Must get a subscription. There are several just in this book I want to try.

And what's even more exciting is that Josh totally asked if we could find a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or some sort of health food store near us and stock up on healthy foods. Totally unprompted by me, and before I even read the book! So nice that we're on the same page.

So, I'm stopping the HCG and will be doing Clean Eating and Exercise to lose these last few pounds. And, really, if they don't come off but my body tones up and I get fit in the process, I am just fine with that.

This morning I headed to the gym. :-O YES! I really did! And I surprised myself. Blew my own mind. I thought I'd be really struggling, plodding along, wheezing and sweating and so red-faced that I got strange stares.

I intended to do a spinning class, but it was canceled. So I hopped on the elliptical. I went for an hour, burned 600 calories and went 5 1/3 miles. (8.5KM for you, Dawnie). I am in shock! I wasn't even falling off my machine! I did have a beet red face. It was seriously bright red. But I didn't feel like I was dying and I'm looking forward to going again!

I am very happy with where I am at. I feel good. I am comfortable in my skin and I'm excited to begin eating/cooking/baking clean for the benefit of my whole family. Today I'm making biscotti. BISCOTTI!!! And it's clean!

I plan to hit the gym M, W, F and do the spinning class or elliptical. I'll report back on whether or not I survive spinning. ;-)

I hope you had a great weekend, and I'll be around!!


  1. Its so much easier when the men get on board and actually WANT to go to the healthier stores like TJs and Whole Foods. :)

  2. So you'll have to email me about clean eating and tell me what a spinning class is. I know I'm showing my age here, but I keep picturing you at a spinning wheel spinning golden thread :0

  3. RA, I will send you a PDF I made of a bunch of recipes I'm using/making... they are 'clean' and delicious!