Thursday, May 6, 2010

And another one bites the dust.... and another one plus that!

Ugh. Another fish died, and the last 2 are on death's doorstep. Not sure what went wrong, but since we are going out of town for the weekend I guess it's okay we won't be leaving any live fish behind. :-P

I didn't get to the gym yet; the kids have sneezing colds and I don't want to infect other kids there. Although this is the 2nd time they have come home sick from the daycare there. Hopefully they'll start building up their immune systems and hopefully other moms will be respectful and NOT bring sick kids to the gym.

ANYWAY, we are going to take a walk this afternoon instead of go to the gym. There is a paved walking trail I've heard about that is just minutes from our house, so we're gonna ride bikes/walk that for a bit.

Food-wise things are... eh. Mary Beth asked if Cheez Its are replacing Wheat Thins. Here's the thing. I'm impulsive. I'll eat whatever is currently suiting my fancy in great heaping hordes and then I'll be done with it for months. I have a box of wheat thins that I brought with us when we moved, and it's still untouched. Hopefully this cheez it craziness will dissipate soon.

We signed up for Netflix and get 2 dvds at a time, so I started watching Ally McBeal. Anyone remember that show? Anyway, last night Josh and I were watching it and I was munching on Cheez Its. I majorly overdid it and ended up getting violently sick. It was not pleasant and I think I may finally be over the Cheez Its.

I went grocery shopping and bought some egg whites. I plan to start making a scramble of sorts with them, to give me an easy wheat free option. Otherwise I end up having whatever I make the kids: oatmeal pancakes, crepes, french toast. None of it wheat free.

My lettuce all went bad. I guess I'm really THAT lazy and need to buy the pre-washed, pre-packaged stuff because I just don't take it out and use it when I buy romaine heads. And then I end up eating something dumb, like chips or whatever is easiest and handiest.

We are leaving tomorrow to go back to visit our family and friends, so I'll be gone til Tuesday. I'm not sure if I'll have internet access or not. If I do, I'll blog. If I don't, I'll be back on Tuesday. =)


  1. Once when we had gold fish and we were leaving town, we gave the fish back to the pet store. ha, ha. Didn't want to deal with fish anymore.

    How are you doing? Sorry to hear about Josh's ribs. Is he doing better?

    I'm trying to remember what Cheeze its looks like. I'm kind of like that...the other week it was an enitire box of Reeses Puffs cereal in two days. Not good. I feel your pain, I do. I'm still trying to get back to eating healthier.

    Exercise helps a lot...even just walks, with getting re-focused. Have a good Friday!

  2. Dawnie has found a solution to your Cheez It's problems.

    Do you have a Costco close by? You must try

    Mary's Organic Crackers - they are wheat free and gluten free and therefore agree with Ruth Anne! They are made from organic brown rice, whole quinoa (Sherah will like that - HI SHERAH, I miss you), brown flax seeds, sesame seeds, water, wheat free tamari and sea salt.

    They are delicious!!!! Say goodbye to wheat thins and cheez its and bring on Mary's!!!