Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a genius and didn't even know it!

This morning I was steeping my tea. To do that, I put my tea, Truvia and hot water in a big ol' mug. It's huge. And then I place one of my salad plates on top of the mug to keep the steam in. Like so.

Well, this morning it just so happened that I was enjoying my apples with cinnamon at the same time. For convenience I put the apples on the plate, on top of the mug. I got distracted with something and came back a few minutes later...

The apples were warm and cinnamony! The closest thing I'll ever get to apple pie on this diet. And apple pie with vanilla ice cream is my all time favorite dessert!

Genius, I tell you.

Sherah asked if I had found a blog or forum for support on the HCG diet. I hadn't even thought to research that. I might look into it. The thing with me is that I'm highly competitive. Either I go overboard and get all intense trying to "win" or else I feel defeated before I even start and it saps my motivation. So I just have to be careful. ;-) But I'll definitely look into it.

I can tell today that the hunger pangs are less intense. I've been up since 6:30 and thought the day would be extra long, as there were more hours for me not to eat in. ;-) But I've had my apple, a cup of coffee, working on my tea and some water and I don't feel starving like I have the last few days. Hopefully this is the turning point!


  1. I love your apple pie:):):) Finally an apple pie without the calories:):)

  2. I hope you find a site so I could read up on it. I was wondering what the food load up at the beginning was for, if you have any idea. Why not just start the diet? Also how are you cooking your chicken?

  3. I just totally got caught up on your blog. WOW. This diet reminds me of far as the strictness of it and the way I was feeling some of the time with always wanting to eat what I was feeding the kids, but internally slapping my hand to not eat it.

    How exciting to see the scale moving in the right direction!

    Thanks for the pancake recipe! I liked what you did with the apples. That was clever.

    You can do it, You can do it, You can do it!!!

  4. Those apples sound super yummy!!!! Smart (accidental but still, smart lol!) girl!