Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Binge Day #1

Today is Binge Day #1. I thought it would be easy and fun, but it's not.

I had two crepes this morning with sour cream and strawberry jam and a cup of coffee with creamer. And I felt sick.

I'm working on a chocolate muffin from Costco now. I got that genius idea last night. Each muffin has 692 calories and 38 grams of fat. Can you even BELIEVE that!?!?!? It's so insane.

So I'm going to scrap all that other stuff and just stick with the muffins; they have plenty of fat all by themselves.

I'm feeling better now. I tried to buy just six muffins, but they make you buy 12. They just split the packages up. So I'm planning to put the other 6 in the freezer for the next round binge.

I plan to do the HCG diet twice. Once you do the 21 days and then the 3 week maintenance, you can start another round. I think with 2 rounds I will be able to get down to my goal weight and then really focus on weights to tone.

It's interesting the emotional conflict I feel. I can hardly eat that dang muffin because it's SO BAD FOR YOU. But if that's what I need to do for the diet to work then I'll do it. It's not easy or enjoyable though. Weird, huh?

I'll post again tonight with the rundown of what I ended up eating. I'm thinking I may get some french fries at some point, but other than that I don't plan to chow down on anything quite as fattening as those muffins.

I'm still in shock that they even make such an unhealthy thing and then make you buy 12 of them. :-O

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