Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Steps

Yo, I only lost 4 ounces today. 4 ounces!! I think I need to be more diligent to drink all 2 liters of my water before having any Diet Root Beer. I bought some last night. It's the BOMB. SO SO SO good. I think the first week would have been 50% easier if I'd had some A&W to sip on when I was starving. Ah, bygones.

I heard back from Beth and the vegetarian options are totally an alternative to the chicken, so I will be heading to the store to look at the options they have there. And I can eat egg whites. Thank goodness, I was about to start clucking from all the chicken I was eating! ;-)

I have a very busy day ahead, so I probably won't check back in until Monday. Although I might pop on to drool over Sunshine Mama's Fantasy Food Friday pictures... oohhhhh yum!

Have a great weekend, Y'all!!!


  1. You are really hanging in there. Good on ya Ruth Anne! I'm glad you're able to have some variety in your eating!

  2. Hi Ruth Anne, I found your blog through Dawne's mention of it on her blog.

    Congrats on your blog award and your weight loss!

    I like the idea of the skinny turtle for your blog name, very clever!