Sunday, May 30, 2010

It worked!

I'm happy to report I am down 2.4 pounds today! I'm down to 158.4.

I also need to have a bowel movement in a major way, so I'm off to the store to buy milk of magnesia tablets.

Last night we had some guys over in addition to our friends who are visiting. We sat around chatting and EVERYONE else was munching on Pub Mix. It's this delicious mix of garlic cheddar twists, sesame seed chips, pretzels, oriental rice crackers and some other stuff. I wanted some so, so, so, so bad. I contemplated eating just one. Or maybe just sucking the flavoring off. Seriously. I was that desperate.

But I resisted. Although, I admit, I did smell them. :-P I just kept drinking lots and lots of water.

I do not like artificial sweeteners at all, but I have come to a truce with them for this diet. The little tubs of flavored powder that you mix with water to make strawberry lemonade or whatever totally help me drink more water. So, I'll be drinking it for now.

I'll post a pic of the scale tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. ;-)


  1. Yip, yip, yipee!!!!

    How exciting to break into the 150's! I hope to be joining you there soon!

  2. Right On!!! I am so happy for you. This is so exciting to observe. Hey, if you like diet A&W Rootbeer, try diet cherry 7-up. That and the diet rootbeer was all I used to drink a few years back. I loved going back and forth between the two.

    Good job for resisting those pretzels. All that water drinking will work wonders.

    Come fourth of July weekend, there may be some fun festival-ish type food pictures for fantasy Friday. There are a few favorites there that I love to eat once a year.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  3. Congrats on the loss! I just picked up some pink lemonade packets for water, I think they are like 10 calories each, so I use like half a packet for a big glass of water, but it definately helps with only drinking water most days.