Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, my good friend Dawne posted about these miracle noodles on her blog. Check them out HERE. I'm super excited to try them out... I mean, they are NOODLES with ZERO calories and are wheat and gluten free. Amazing! And even more amazing, they are sold right here, in the city I live in!

I am excited to try them out.

As far as the HCG diet goes... it does seem unreasonable and crazy and unhealthy. But when you do the research, it makes sense. Yes, you're only eating 500 calories a day, but your body is getting all the rest of the calories it needs from burning your body fat. It's natural; not a synthetic drug or anything. And the process resets your hypothalamus, so you'll continue to burn fat with an increased metabolism after you're done with the diet.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still leery of it. Mostly I'm afraid that I'll do it wrong and gain a bunch of weight. If you do it correctly, that won't happen--even after you're done with the diet. But if you do it incorrectly and cheat, it can cause weight gain. I think I will give it a shot. I'm going to talk with my husband and make sure we're on the same page, make sure I can stick with it.

Sherah also brought up a very valid point... that if it makes me freak out on my kiddos then it's NOT worth it. My good friend who is doing it right now says the first 4 days are pretty hard and basically all you should expect to get done is feeding your kids and yourself. No housework or anything. But once your body start really letting go of that stored fat, you don't feel hungry and shaky anymore.

So we'll see. I'll let you know if I end up doing it. I need to buy a new scale if I do, because part of the process is to weigh yourself every day after the initial 21 days of taking the HCG.

Anyway, I've never been into fad diets or extreme dieting. It's so not worth it to do something if you're just gonna pile the weight back on as soon as you stop doing it. But this seems a bit different, even though it absolutely is extreme. It actually is resetting the hypothalamus and because you're eating small portions for almost a month, your stomach shrinks so you don't require as much food to feel full. And it is actual fat that you're burning and losing, not muscle.

It also helps that I know people, in real life, who are doing it and have been successful with it. My friend's mom has done it since Sept and has lost 70 pounds so far. It's just comforting to see people I know who have done it, been successful and are still alive and well. ;-)

I don't know, I'm totally on the fence. The idea of losing many pounds quickly, of FAT, is very tempting. I feel like if I can get a jump-start on that, it will be easier to go to the gym and continue to eat sensibly and healthfully. I have this weird mentality where I feel like I need to lose weight before I go to the gym. So weird, I know.

I also know that if I cut calories and exercise I will see the same results. Maybe not as quickly, but I WOULD lose weight. The only problem with that is I seriously have no energy. I'm not sure why; I don't know if my thyroid is wonky again or what. But I wake up tired and go to bed bone tired. It's all I can do to make meals and do laundry, much less go to the gym and actively WORK OUT. Does it sound like I'm making excuses? ;-) Maybe I am, but I really do have low energy levels.

ANYWAY, in the meantime I will definitely be checking into those noodles; if they really are calorie free it seems I would be able to eat them even on the HCG diet and they would help with the hunger pangs.

I'll keep you posted. =)


  1. My MIL and two SILs have all been or done Hcg with good success so I can at least pass along that endorsement. I wouldn't say that they lost more weight in the same amount of time that they could have with just a consistent caloric deficit, but it did work for them.

    What Hcg won't do, though, is change your behaviors. If getting the weight off is the bigger challenge and you'll commit to a plan to maintain it, then Hcg may be for you.

    Personally and only because it seems to have worked for me, I'd still say that if you can do it via caloric deficits, than that is the more holistic way to go. You'll develop a much better sense of food portions and control that way so that maintenance should be more natural to come by.

  2. Wow, good luck with this, you must let me know what the HCG is suppose to do for you. As for the diet part, sometimes I think if you are not allowed any variations in menu it might be much easier than having choices. Also the losing weight before going to the gym is exactly what I feel all the time. Only fit people seem to be there and I feel awful before I even start. Hope to hear good results soon.