Saturday, May 1, 2010

In a mood

Golly gee. Things just seem to be going in the wrong direction over here!

Josh hurt his back pretty badly; we're not sure exactly what all happened, but there is a chance he cracked his rib. He was playing basketball with some guys and one of the young guys came up behind and "tackled" him. His back popped audibly and he has been in excruciating pain ever since. He went to urgent care, but they didn't do any x-rays because they said there's nothing they can do for broken ribs anyway. So he's on heavy duty pain meds and really out of it.

I got sick with whatever Kate had, although I didn't throw up. We're on the mend now, but the whole week was a wash. I only exercised once on Monday, and only burned 300 calories.

I have no energy and just sat on the couch most of the week reading, only getting up to make meals, change diapers, etc...

This week I hope to get back into a more healthy groove. Spend less time on the couch and more time doing stuff. I want to get to the gym 3 times; maybe Josh and I will go together since the hot tub has really been helping his back. Since we have the daycare, we may as well go as a family. Only problem is we can't go until he gets home from work, which would mean after dinner as well. So maybe I'll work out in the morning and then sit in the hot tub with him later. Just thinking "out loud" here. ;-)

I need to clean out my pantry. It's a major stress point for me right now. It's all helter skelter since we moved in so I want to organize it. Once I do that I'll know what I have and I can work on cutting out wheat again. I need to plan my meals out, or at least pre-prepare some stuff so I'm able to do that. I did bake up some chicken, which is good.

I'll weigh myself again tomorrow and will think positively that this week will be better than last. :0)


  1. Isn't life like that? Sorry for your stress/sickness in a time of transition. In your weakness, He is strong! I grilled a pile of chicken today for my week and thought of you...said a little prayer! :)

  2. P.S. Please give Jen my warmest regards when you are talking to her next!

  3. Hey :)
    I came back to read :) So sorry about your week and Josh's back. It's harder to make good choices when life gets stressful, at least for me. :)
    Hope Josh and y'all feel better soon.
    Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

  4. Sorry to hear of all the maladies at your house lately. Hope everyone feels better soon.
    As for the gym, I make plans to get to go everyday knowing it is good for me and I need it. Most days I talk myself out of it even though after I finally go I feel really good and am so happy with myself. I wish I could just get over the mental block of not wanting to go. I will keep trying.