Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Weigh In and a Mess Up

Good Morning Folks!

Ok, so I already messed up on my diet. BUT, not with food! GO ME!

I forgot to take my drops last night. I'm supposed to take the HCG and Weight Aid twice a day, in the morning and evening, 12 hours apart. Last night I was exhausted and both Josh and I hit the hay at 8pm and I forgot to take them.

I just have to take them 3 times today and everything should be fine. WHEW! I have my alarm on my set now, to remind me.

I weighed in today:

A 2 pound loss; not too bad considering I'm totally constipated. Also, just because it DOES matter ;-) The camera weighs 4 ounces. That's 1/4 of a pound, so it's a lot when you're looking at the scale for weight loss purposes! :-P

I'm happy with the 2 pounds and hope to see more as the week goes on and I (hopefully, fingers crossed) get things moving again in my GI tract.

Ok. Don't laugh. Well, okay, you can laugh if you want to. I took a full body picture. Actually, I didn't take it. Kate did. She's 5. She's never held a camera before. This is the best one of the bunch... and it's not "best" in any way! ;-)

So there I am in all my 5'4", 166.8 pound, pin head, Buddha body glory, feetless. :-D I'll take another one at the end of the diet.. Well, I'll probably have Josh do it. It's good for me to see pictures of myself, because they don't lie. Yep, I've got some weight to lose! And I'm on my way.

We're going to be out of town this weekend, but I plan to bring my scale and I'll update you on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Well done, 2 pounds is amazing. Have a good weekend away. As for the constipation, if you can have tea on the diet there is something called smooth move and I think it really works.