Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm back... with a broken scale

Hi Friends!
Sorry for the long delay in updates. I did have internet access, but I did not have time. It was a whirlwind weekend, full of fun and mishaps and overall great. But didn't leave much room for getting on the net.

I got home yesterday and was all pumped to get on the scale this morning and then head to the gym. I got up and stepped on the scale. Nothing. Took the (new) battery out and put it back in. Nothing. Took the battery out again and turned it upside down. Nothing. I managed to get an "E" message and an "ERR" message. I hop in the shower and remember that Kate has a check up this morning, which means no gym.

Then I had to take Christian to the doc and it turns out he has double ear infections. Owen is just a whiny, grumpy young man. So no gym for me today.

I'm okay with that. My kids aren't in any shape to go to the daycare there anyway.

I'm contemplating doing something new and drastic as far as diet goes. My good friend is doing it, her mom did it and I'm tempted to. It's the "HCG Diet". Yep, that's the pregnancy hormone for all you who might recognize it. Nope, I'm not pregnant. ;-) Anyway, you take low doses of the HCG hormone and eat no more than 500 calories a day. The HCG causes your body to release your stored fat and burn it for fuel/energy. So you lose a LOT of fat without losing muscle mass.

It's expensive, and honestly... I don't know if I can eat just 500 calories a day. You can't have ANY fat. You can't use suntan lotion, even, because of the oil in it. You can't take fish oil or Vitamin D, because it's fatty. You have to do the low calorie diet for 21 days, then 3 days of low calorie without taking the HCG and then you have to be really careful with what you eat.

It's extreme. But it works. And I want to see results. I'm contemplating it.

You can read more about it HERE if you're interested.



  1. Honestly 500 calories....sounds deadly...like totally unhealthy and I see no way ANYONE with even the greatest willpower could sustain such deprivation!

  2. My first thought is for the kids - it's really hard on them when Mom doesn't get many calories. I have had alot of experience with the master cleanse and my #1 rule was: if the kids suffer because I am flipping out on them, I will immediately stop. It's just not fair to them. The MC though, was a fast and my body adjusted and it went fabulously. With the HCG, you are allowed small amounts of food - egads, it sounds torturous because it's not even a fast.

    I understand SO WELL though, the desire to just do something extreme because you just want to see results already!!! I'll bet you that Dawne has been there, done that, and has struggled with this very thing. My advice to you is to really try what you've already been trying, only haven't been able to do consistently yet since you've moved.

    Give it an honest try for at least 3 weeks (cutting out wheat, counting calories, consistently exercising, etc). I was there last fall - I had the know-how but kept getting sabotaged for different reasons and was getting NO results. Once I got my game together and did BOTH clean diet and exercise for 2-3 weeks, it started coming off.

    (((hugs)))) hang in there!!