Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've consumed 693 calories so far today. I have a question for y'all... Do you count back in the calories you burn?

I don't think I should because that seems totally counter-productive. But on, they allow you to eat the calories you burn off in exercise, and if I remember correctly, WW lets you do it too. This doesn't make sense to me, but I'm wondering what everyone else does.

I'm not hungry, but I definitely feel like I want a snack. So I'm going to go finish off my green smoothie from this morning. It's actually really tasty; I used fresh strawberries in it and they are super ripe and yummy.

My hubs is working late tonight, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about dinner but it will be easier since I won't have to prepare a full on meal for myself if I don't feel like it.

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  1. Hey RA,
    I don't add back in my calories burned.. They say you can.. but, really the less I eat, the more I lose, so I just try to stick to under 1500, but at least 1200, so my body doesn't think it is starving.. keeping my metabolism going. :)
    Good luck