Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 12 Full Bladder = Back Pain

I figured out something last night. The fuller my bladder is the worse my back aches. Weird, no? I discovered this as I hobbled from my bed to the bathroom approximately 12 times last night. I made good on my promise to drink LOTS of water. And worked out 20 minutes doing HIIT at the gym. But, it was worth it because this morning the scale said....


I am so extremely happy! TWO pounds!!! TWO!!!!! It's exhilarating. =) I vow to NEVER return to the 170's as much as in my control. I can't help bloating, water retention and what not, but I can be in charge of what food I choose to eat and choosing to exercise over sitting around like a lame duck.

Thanks for the suggestions on other protein foods. I had no idea Kashi had protein in it; I'm definitely going to check that out.

I'm off to fix breakfast; then we're headed to story time at the library and the kid's club so my kids can run off steam and I can chat with Jen. =) I'll be back later with what I've eaten.

Is anyone else having issues with Blogger? I had sort of what happened to Sherah happen to me. Several times in a row when I clicked on a Blogger page it immediately shut down and I got a message saying Firefox had crashed???? Weird.


  1. OH MY GOSH! THAT is awesome. It does pay off. Good for you.;)

  2. WOW WOW WOW I am soooo excited for you, RA! And when I read that, it immediately motivated me to be 100% today. I love that reading about the successes of my friends stirs me up to be more excited and keep on going. That's what I want to be too, a motivation of success. That's not going to happen if I binge so I am going to be 100% again today. =) Thanks for posting an update, I was wondering if you made it to the gym last night!

  3. I am screaming from Canada...AAAAHHHHH!!!! Can you hear me? High five, jump for joy, do a silly dance - I knew it would come!