Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day Four

I have a concert for my little brother to attend this morning, so I'm hoping that after naps this afternoon I can make it to the gym. I don't have my niece, and it's nice to be able to burn 500 calories as opposed to the 150-200 I burn on my treadmill.

Sherah has used the HIIT method of training. High Intensity Interval Training. Here is a website with more info:

I'm going to try to do this, whether it be on my treadmill here at home or the elliptical at the gym.

I desperately need new running shoes. My Nikes are just not cutting it anymore. SHERAH--I remember you got new shoes recently. How do you like them?

I'm off to make breakfast for myself and my kiddos. I'm making eggs and turkey sausage, trying to get a lot of protein in to tide my kids through the concert (and me, too!)

I am very proud of myself for working out the last 3 consecutive days. It's so not easy for me, I really don't enjoy it (yet) and it's hard to find the time and energy to fit it into my life. But that's exactly what needs to happen-it has to become part of my lifestyle. So I'm working on that.

I'll be back later with more to report. ;-)


  1. I am super proud of you too!!! I know EXACTLY how it feels to know you've got 3 days of working out under your belt. On one hand, it's a really lame amount to be proud of (lol) but on the other hand - OH MY GOSH I worked out THREE days in a row!! Seriously! It is a super big achievement in my life. =)

    I think the best thing is that it helps you want to continue on, to the 4th day and beyond. For me when I start out, it's easy to flop on day 1 and then start day 1 over again the next day. But when you've got 3 under your belt you don't want to waste that and flop on day 4. No sirreee! I'm on day 2 and excited. =)

    Yes, I got new shoes and I HATE THEM! I am so mad at myself for not ..... well, I was going to say not doing research but the fact is that I DID do research. But that doesn't matter, apparently. I *thought* I was a flat footed person and bought shoes accordingly but they do hurt me almost as soon as I start powerwalking.

    But Bret went to this running store in Salem where they have this long hallway that they have you jog down while they watch how you land. Then they tell you what type of foot you have (like high arched, flat, etc) and recommend some shoes for your type.

    When Bret did it, they told him what type he was and he was surprised - he thought he was something else, just like I did. He said they showed him 3 shoes that they had in their store that would fit what he needed, and he wasn't all THAT thrilled with how they looked, but he says they are the best ever and do not hurt him.

    So I got the women's Asics 2140. I LOVED how they looked (I got the green/aqua/teal ones) and still do - and they are actually really a GREAT shoe as far as how padded and comfy they are. I love that, but they have arches in the wrong places for my feet. I'd love to get Asics again but just the right type.

    I plan to go to the store and see what they have to say too, when we get the money to buy another pair of shoes. And YES I know the thought of jogging down a hallway with a guy watching me does not sound appealing in the slightest, but what the heck. I'm probably never going to see that guy again and it's worth it to me to get a GOOD pair of shoes that I love running in.

  2. Ooh, what store is it? Were the shoes Bret got out of this world expensive?