Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Note to self: Don't allow yourself to get ravenous

Today I was out and about all day, and only had 1/2 a slice of bread with butter, one slice of bread with a bit of mayo and 4 slices of lunch meat and 2 cups of coffee. By the time I got home at 4:30, I was STARVING. I scarfed down 2 more pieces of toast with butter. (Homemade whole wheat bread... super yummy).

Then we took our kiddos to the dollar store to buy gifts for each other, and bought hamburgers for them at McDonald's. I had 10 fries, although I wanted to eat them all up. Then I ate leftover lemon chicken at home... about a cup. Then I had 2.5 peanut butter rice krispy squares.

I don't know how many calories that all totals up to, but it can't be good AND it's not healthy.

From now on I'm going to keep a small baggie of smoked almonds in my purse, for an emergency snack.

I've also noticed that if I don't do my work out in the morning, or make myself stay home and do it at nap time, it doesn't get done. Today I didn't work out, because I made plans, left the house at 11:00a.m. and didn't come back until 4:30. So, I'm going to work on being diligent to just get up and do it, whether I do my HIIT training or just walking on the treadmill.

I'm still working on drinking lots of water, and hoping to see a loss on Friday. Even if it's just a pound, I'll be very happy.

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  1. I love you you're learning from life's situations because this is LIFE, not a diet. Your future choices will feel amazing because YOU are designing a program to fit YOUR life! I know it works!

    I have the same exercise issues...wait until the end of the day and it's hard to fit it in.