Monday, December 28, 2009

Days 21 and 22 HELP

I am so all over the place these days! Yesterday started out well. Okay, it wasn't great cuz the first thing I put in my mouth was a Reese's PB Cup that was sitting out. BUT I counted the calories for it (100!) and then had an egg, 1 biscuit and 1 turkey sausage.

I got home and ate half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And then things went haywire.

My husband and I have spent the last 2 days painting and painting and painting. When we moved into our house I had a Tuscan themed paint scheme in mind... butter yellow and brick red. What I got was Ronald McDonald ketchup and mustard. But my husband and his brothers/friends had stayed up all night painting, so I felt like I was stuck with it.

Well, for Christmas Josh gave me new paint as part of my gift. We went and picked out the butter yellow I had originally wanted and have been painting ever since. It's taken a while because we're working around the kiddos.

ANYWAY, when I'm painting and dealing with the kids I started to snack... crackers and cheese and then carrot cake. And once I start snacking and don't know the caloric content, it seems I tumble quickly down the overeating mountain.

Today is a new day, and I'm going to be conscious of what I eat. We are done painting. I'm going to drink more water and eat healthy and in moderation.

Sherah- if you google "recipe calorie counter" there are tons of websites where you put in all the ingredients of a meal and how many it serves and it tells you how many calories are in one serving. also is a great resource as far as finding out how many calories are in things. My problem is that if I'm not by the computer, I'm out of luck because I have no idea how many calories are in different foods.


  1. good luck to us. .. as this is me the last few days too. But, Yes~today is a new day. We can do this ;)

  2. Thanks for the info on calorie counters, RA! I'll look into it. Now that I'm working more towards lower calories through my fasting days to lose body fat, I'm more curious than ever to see exactly how much I am eating. With raw I never had to think about it which is nice and some days I do tend to lean more towards raw, but when I don't it can get kind of crazy. One more truffle in the mouth = alot of calories! Kind of makes me pause a bit more.

    Sigh....I wonder if the people who invented Reese's will be held accountable on that day for all the people they have caused to fall in their diets? LOL j/k but seriously, they are my #1 favorite candy bar. I used to crush 2 cups in a big dish of ice cream (I know, YUM, huh?) every single night when I was pregnant with Grace. Probably why I gained 50lbs, ugh.

    Good luck today and I'm rooting for you --- I told Bret about your skinny turtle comment the other day, that really gave me a good picture of how it's supposed to be. I also like the idea of a snowball gathering speed AND more snow as it tumbles down the hill. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Also the glowing ember of fire that gets bigger and brighter until it becomes a roaring fire EATING AWAY all that yucky body fat. Ha ha I'm full of metaphors today.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your house with the new paint, how totally FUN!!!!