Thursday, December 31, 2009

Workout finished

I managed to get my workout in, despite my grumpy kiddos. ;-) I did a 2 minute warm up, 21 minutes HIIT and then a 2 minute cool down. I think this is what I will plan to do from now on. It's doable, it's HIIT, and it only takes 25 minutes.

I've been exercising every morning in a fasted state, meaning I don't eat or drink anything except water before I do it and for an hour afterward. Usually I drink my green smoothie an hour after my workout, and then throughout the day.

Today's smoothie is spinach, 1 c blueberries and a banana. =)


  1. One of these days, I'm going to try a spinach smoothie. I know they're good for you...but drinking green gunk??? I will use your recipe for my first try. I did get a new blender for Christmas! I usually make fruit/yogurt smoothies, but I know the spinach is so healthy!

  2. Yay RA, way to go with the weight loss and working out. Just saw this blog and will have to keep checking in. Good luck, you can do it!!!

  3. Hey, I think you're going to do sooo awesome with that little routine! Green smoothies, HIIT in a fasted state, not eating for an hour afterwards. Those are the combos of a magical fat loss transformation, I think!

    And I TOTALLY agree with you - my "main" fallback HIIT routine is MAX 23 minutes and has been what has gotten me out the door many, many times. It is "just" 23 minutes and I'll be back, jump in the shower, and go on with my life. It's awesome to know it can be done so quickly, and with such good results. =) Keep up the good work!