Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So far, so good =)

Today after I worked out, I uh, had to go to the bathroom. I hopped on the scale after (I know, disturbing but true) and despite all the water I drank while working out I was at 172.5. So I'm hoping that really I'm more like 172 in general.

I've eaten:
40oz green smoothie (spinach, 2c peaches and 1 banana)
2 lite string cheese
16 wheat thins
1 lite laughing cow wedge
4oz chicken (from last night)
1 WW oatmeal cookie--these cookies are really good and are 88 calories each. Must not overdo it, but was so nice to eat it fresh from the oven while watching the snow fall outside.

I've also discovered diet hot chocolate. Only 25 calories per cup, so it's a nice alternative to coffee for me. =)

Working on finishing up the last of my green smoothie and staying away from the rest of the cookies.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha you don't even WANT to know how many times I have hopped back on the scale after going to the bathroom. Like this morning, I was at 138.ZERO - how utterly and completely lame is that? I mean come on, point ZERO??? A least just crack it to 137.9 or something, lol!

    Alas, my efforts to weigh less didn't really do much. In fact, it shot up to 138.6 shortly after...annoying. It totally motivates me to be good, though - because maybe tomorrow it'll be down again! We KNOW we're doing it right (moving more, eating less) so eventually things will budge.

    Have a good night!