Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just another manic... er, Wednesday?

Wow. So, last night I went to bed with a growling, hungry stomach. But I didn't want to eat anymore, I was 200 or so calories under my limit and I wanted to make up for the day before.

My son has a cold and was coughing. And coughing. And coughing. We'd done everything we could think of: cold and cough medicine, cough drops, breathing in hot steam, Vick's on the chest... Nothing was helping. He was waking up every hour, and thus waking me up with him. Finally, in the middle of the night I thought, "This has GOT to stop!" So I went out in the garage to rummage around for our nebulizer.

Well, what else is in the garage? The "gingerbread" houses we made. Without even thinking I swiped 2 large gumdrops and popped them in my mouth. As I dug through boxes in the freezing cold garage, I was getting pretty frustrated. I headed back into the house to see if my husband knew where it was. On the way in I grabbed two mint things and ate them.

I woke up Josh, asked him where the nebulizer was and we went out into the garage to search for it. We located it, brought it inside, I set it up and while I waited for Josh to bring Christian out to me, I ate 2 bites of pumpkin pie.

ARGH. I just kicked myself over and over and over afterwards. WHY did I do that? Because I was tired, grumpy, frustrated and just wanted something sweet to tide me over. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

This morning I woke up and had half a slice of bread with butter. Then I ate 2 cookies. And a slice of pie. And then I thought, "GET A GRIP!" So I got on the treadmill to do my HIIT training.

12 minutes into it I was seeing stars, drunkenly swaying (I wasn't drunk, just for the record) and was going to seriously injure myself. So I got off, and promptly had to run to the bathroom. At least my body won't have a chance to digest those cookies and pie, but still. What is up with my body throwing up after exercise? Or, at all? I can't wait for my mom to get back with more of the digestive enzymes I need.

Anyway, I'm back on track, I'm counting the calories for the candy, cookies and pie (nothing like rocketing off the wagon and then crashing and burning!) and I will attempt to finish my workout later this afternoon.


  1. Speaking of computers dying, I think mine just did. I was writing a comment to you and bam, it just turned off. Now it won't turn on again. So then I went to my laptop and tried to find your blog - wow, we rely on bookmarked links SO much! Anyway, I was laughing because I remembered the title so I was trying to type it out as an address to go to but couldn't remember how the whole .blogspot thing goes.

    It wouldn't go through so I took a step back and realized I was writing fromfattoflab, ROFL! Like that would really be anyone's blog - geez. Blogspot told me it was available as a title if I wanted it, ha ha!

    GREAT JOB for climbing back on the wagon!! I have been thinking about how much harder it is to lose the weight, yet so so easy to put it on. It's also easier to fall down, than it is to climb back up a mountain. So that's good for me to remember cuz yes, I sure am tempted today to eat off plan!!

    For weights, try craigslist. I have gotten my heavier ones at Play It Again Sports too - like when I wanted to get just a set of 30-lb weights for things like squats. But not the whole set. They sell them by the pound, I think it's like $1 and change per pound or something like that. Or maybe way less, lol, but anyway it's per pound and I remember being glad I could get them used like that.

  2. Your honesty will continue to help you understand yourself, your relationship with food and WILL set you free from the bondage of overeating!

    I could "see" the story in your writing - a sign of a well written post.