Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 11, New Perspective

Thank you guys so much for the encouraging words; some days that's all I've got!

I usually weigh maybe twice a week. Always on Fridays and usually one other day. I weighed this morning and lo and behold I was down half a pound. At first, I wanted to just be disgusted--all that work! For 8 oz???? BUT then, I thought, I needed to have an attitude readjustment. So.


I got a good night's sleep last night, my TOM (time of the month) is in full swing and I can get my hormonal supplements and digestive enzymes from my mom today.

My goal today is to eat LOTS of protein. Even though I don't particularly care for eggs, they are cheap and easy, so I'll be eating them.

I am taking the kids to the grocery store this morning to do my shopping, then taking the dog to the groomer. Depending on the timing of things, I may try to go to the gym to burn 500 calories this morning as well. If it doesn't work out, I'll do my HIIT on the treadmill during naps.

I am trying to learn to be flexible and work with what I've got. ;-)

Off to make some breakfast for the kiddos and myself.

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  1. Can you hear me yelling from snowy Canada - HIP HIP HORRAY - Ruth Anne is down 1/2 pound! Really, be happy! The scale IS moving. You are going to kick that metabolism into full gear.

    Being flexible with life...why didn't I learn that before now? I think it's key to weight loss success. So many "diets" only work when life is working perfectly, and we Mom's know, that doesn't always happen! You are choosing a lifestyle change, eating that is adapted and suited to your way of life. I am so excited for you! What is your final goal weight? I'm thinking about mine, whether I should adjust it or not.

    I hope your day was successful!