Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 15, Slow and Steady

Sorry about the downer post yesterday... I've touched on it a bit, but my PPD flares up and everything gets blown out of proportion. That's what happened yesterday, coupled with lack of sleep.

Today is much, much better. I got up and did my workout. I decided not to do HIIT today. My knees have been really acting up. Yesterday they literally creaked with every step I took, and I couldn't bend/kneel. My plan today was to go for 45 minutes at a good, steady pace; my kids FINALLY got a good night's sleep in and were being very cooperative. I was walking away the pounds, working up a really good sweat. At 33 minutes my youngest son who is 2 (and can be a real "peach", if ya know what i mean) decided he was mad at me for something and threw himself on the treadmill. He flew between my legs, off the end and straight into the wall. With his big ol' noggin. And he does have a huge head. Charlie Brown, if you will.

So I pulled the cord to stop the machine, took him off and comforted him, and tried not to be mad that he interrupted my work out groove. Selfish much? :( Anyway, he's totally fine, but I bet he'll give my treadmill a wide berth from now on! LOL

I haven't eaten anything yet, but I have drunk 48oz of water and had a cup of coffee. I'll eat when I feel hungry, probably an orange and string cheese.

Thanks for the comments and feedback! I'm particularly looking forward to Sunshine Mama's workout routine/exercise recommendations! =)

Christmas isn't getting me down; I love it! My husband and I are going to put together the toys and wrap them tomorrow night; I can't wait! =)

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