Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 23 New Beginnings

It's 9:03a.m. and I'm done with my workout. Yippee! Dawne hit it spot on--moderation in exercise. That's what I intend to do.

This morning I walked at 3.5 for 30 minutes and got a good sweat going. My plan is to get up each day, get my children breakfast and settled in with OPB and then get on the treadmill. I need to find a plan that I can stick to, with regard to having 3 small children and a body that needs some TLC. This morning I only planned to go for 20 minutes, but my children were playing well so I kept going. I know that won't be the case every single day, so I just plan to do what I can each day.

I'm off to the shower and then going to make some green smoothie.

I weighed myself this morning... 173. =( I feel like I got broadsided by Christmas. But today is a new day. This is something I'm learning, and therefore there will be some setbacks. But I'm not going to stop.

I'm marinating some chicken breasts as well and then plan to cook them up so they will be ready whenever I need them. I marinated some in garlic infused olive oil last night and then baked them and they were really, really good.

Here's to a successful day, a day of moderation, and a day of learning new habits. =)


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I'm so glad you're back and determined to work out. I do that technique too, where I tell myself "just" 20 minutes but if 30 minutes works out, I am totally ready for it when it comes, to do the extra 10 minutes.

    With kids, little ones especially, we have to roll with the punches but also be prepared to work out at a moment's notice when all things fall into place.

    Good luck to all of us today!

  2. You've got it - what kind of exercise can you maintain with your lifestyle? If we aim too high, we're bound to fail. It we can make the exercise a life time routine, fit it into our lives and we're moving and sweating, that is the goal. I have aimed way too high in the past and couldn't maintain my regime. How funny that I had to learn moderation in this area of my life too!