Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Losing weight is hard work

Yesterday ended up fine; I stayed within my calories. I did, however, skip dinner so I could eat the chips and guacamole I wanted. I had eaten a lot of protein earlier in the day, so I was ok with that.

Every morning it's an Armageddon battle to get on my treadmill. My body hurts. My joints hurt. My big toe hurts; I think I sprained it. I get mad. I don't deal well with pain. But, what am I going to do? Short of SmartLipo, there's only one way to get rid of this fat. Exercise and eat healthy.

I'm going to keep at it, but today I'm really struggling. It just seems so impossible. I have 40ish pounds to lose and in a month I haven't lost a single one. Granted, Christmas was thrown in there and totally screwed me up, but still.

If anyone sees my fairy Godmother, let her know my wish is to wake up weighing 130, okay? ;-)

I did 30 minutes this morning on the treadmill and mixed up my green smoothie with spinach, strawberries, peaches and half a banana. I haven't had any yet, because I don't feel like drinking it. Yesterday I drank all 50 ounces, so that is good.

I'm going to focus on not snacking and eating chicken instead. I don't have any salad, but I do have some chicken soup in the freezer that I'll pull out for lunch. I also baked 4 more chicken breasts yesterday, so I can eat those as well.

Off to do laundry and keep my kiddos happy.

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  1. I am NO expert Ruth Anne, but when I read your food intake, it seems like there is a lack of "big" food consumption. Like a plate of veggies or a big salad. It seems like there are small amounts of crackers, cheese etc, but what are you filling up on? What's making that metabolism work? I think the high protein is great - chicken etc. These are just my observations from your eating that you post and I could be interpreting it all wrong. What I think, with NO TRAINING OR EXPERTISE, is cut down on the crackers, cheese, snacky stuff and get some solid meals into. High protein, vegetable soups and salads. Fruit - I guess your green smoothies take care of that! :) What I'm saying is - I think you need to eat more!!! But, more of the good stuff.