Monday, December 28, 2009

Partial Success

Well, today has been a partial success. I've counted my calories, but I've eaten a lot of them. We got McDonald's while we were out running errands. Chicken nuggets have a TON of calories. So not worth it, but I didn't know. And I counted the calories, so- so be it.

I NEED to start working out again. I know it will help my motivation, help me eat healthier, help in many ways. But my body is soooooo sore. My knees and back are shot from painting and my whole body aches. I need to remember what I posted a few days ago, about the skinny turtle. I don't need to run marathons. I just need to move.

Josh goes back to work tomorrow, so I can get back into my routine. I've thrown out all the leftover goodies from Christmas, so that temptation is gone. I got a nice blender for Christmas and I bought spinach today, so I'm going to try to get in a good amount of green smoothie every day. If nothing else, it will hopefully get things moving in my digestive tract.

I'm going to go drink a bottle of water and put my kiddos to bed.

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  1. Hey, I got a blender for Christmas too! For exactly what yours is for - green smoothies! Sherah got me on that kick! What if you just do some walking to get moving? You don't have to go all hard core if you're sore - moderation in exercise too, so you can keep the exercise going. I'm praying for a great day with moderate eating in your calorie range and good, sweaty, heart rate elevating exercise!