Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dedicated or just plain crazy?

It's 10:17 p.m. but I had to come post.

After my salad (which kept me really full for a long time) I had a latte, compliments of my husband. That was around 3 or so, after I did my Shred. Which, incidentally, is getting much more tolerable! YAY! The push ups still KILL me, as I basically have the upper body strength of... well, something with little to no upper body strength. :-P But I am getting closer and closer to doing the "advanced" moves the entire time--except the push ups.

Anyhoo, we had a busy day cleaning carpets, running errands, grocery shopping, etc... So at 6pm we had to return the carpet cleaner and decided just to grab burgers for the kids on the way. I didn't order anything, but ended up stealing one chicken nugget and 10 fries from my husband. Then we got to my sister's house and they had celebrated her SIL's birthday today. There were baked goods GALORE. Cookies, fudge, cream cheese bars, brownies, cake. Yeah. Lots and lots of stuff.

I ate one 2" square cream cheese bar and one 1" square piece of fudge. I shouldn't have. It wasn't on plan. But I could have done a LOT more damage.

So we get home, put the kids to bed, I finish up some laundry, my husband leaves to sit in the hot tub at a friends house and I go to bed. I've really been having insomnia, which leaves me tired ALL. THE. TIME. I try my hardest to fall asleep, but can't. So I do what any semi-dedicated (or semi-insane) person would do.

I got up and did my Leslie Sansone video. :-D And know what?! I hardly broke a sweat! Granted, I didn't use my hand weights, which ups the intensity A LOT. But still, I breezed through that video without a hitch. YAY!

Yay for burning a few extra calories and yay for progress!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic day, despite all the temptations!! My husband got fries yesterday too and I definitely stole a few! Good for you!!

  2. RuthAnne! Girl you did fantastic for a day that had running around town, AND a party... absolutely awesome!! Sorry about the insomnia.. yikes! Did you fall asleep after your exercise?