Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Level 2 of the Shred

This morning I was feeling like I needed to bump up my calorie burning even more. So I attempted Level 2 of The Shred. I was able to do 75% of it; on an empty stomach. It's definitely much more challenging than Level 1, but I'm going to stick with it until I can do the whole thing before moving on to Level 3.

Also, I drank all my water yesterday! Over 85 ounces, which is huge for me. I can tell I'm dehydrated; my lips are really dry and chapped. So I'm going to shoot for drinking at least that much again today.

I also have LOTS of laundry to do, so that'll burn some calories as well. ;-)

I'm going to have a sneak peek weigh in on Friday, and I hope and pray the scale goes down. I'm babysitting for a friend this afternoon, but hopefully I'll be able to get out to the grocery store later tonight. Right now I really wish I had a garden and orchard, LOL!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yay for drinking water!

    I was taught by my health teacher that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water. That means I should be drinking 133 oz of water! That's 4 L of water!! That's a lo of water...

  2. ROFL at the garden and orchard comment - don't we ALL wish??!!! That would be so, so awesome. Talk about extremely organic too, yummy. Someday I'd love to have a garden...maybe this summer, who knows. =) GOOD SUCCESS TODAY and wow on advancing so quickly, that is so great!!!!

  3. Laundry does count as exercise... I'm pretty sure of it. I don't know what they actually do on the shred, but I know a lot of people have gotten some good results from it.

    Good job on the water...I was struggling a bit with it yesterday. You wouldn't think drinking water would be that big of a deal.LOL.

    Have a nice night.

  4. I have an orchard in the freezer...whenever blueberries or other "expensivey" fruits are on sale I buy tons then clean em and freeze em. I also buy frozen strawberries at wal-mart (they are 4.88 a bag for 5 pounds or something crazy cheap like that) and use them in the kids smoothies and such. time you see a extra and freeze! Oh..another trick I do it to (this is sorta ick...I guess...LOL) gather up the fruit the kids do not finish in the morning (a bit of banana, pear, berries...whatever I happen to give them for breakfast) and stick it in a baggie and throw it in the freezer for the next smoothie. Do NOT tell the kids that, though! LOL

    NICE JOB on level 2. I like level 2 better, for some reason..but there is some crazy arm thing in there that nails me. I have not done it for a while since I have been getting to the gym. I ought to try it again and see if it still kills. I LOVE the whole plank position bend-knee gets the abs (and more!).

    Keep on keeping on!!!