Saturday, January 9, 2010

End of Day Update- VERY successful =) EDITED

So far today I've eaten:

1 egg white and 2 turkey sausages
1 FlatOut wrap with 1 chicken breast, 1tsp mayo and spicy mustard

443 calories so far. We're getting Thai for dinner; I love yellow curry!!! YUM. It doesn't SEEM high fat/calorie but the info I'm finding suggests otherwise. Maybe it's made with coconut milk or something, I don't actually know. But I have calories to spare, so I'll enjoy it. Until full. ;-)

So, we couldn't find any Thai places near us in the phone book. Guess we're gonna have to do some footwork. So we had our fallback-Chinese. ;-)

I had sweet and sour chicken and vegetable yakisoba noodles. I don't know exactly how many calories it is, but I put in 700. That leaves me with over 500 available calories for the day!?!?

I'm not hungry, though. I'm really not sure what's going on, because usually I am a total grazer. The past week I just... haven't been hungry. I'm eating when I'm hungry and trying to make good, healthy choices. So I'm not going to sweat the lower caloric content.

Have a wonderful evening!

Erin-Are you chronicling your weight loss anywhere? And can you send me the link to your other blog; I accidentally deleted the bookmark I had for it. Thanks!


  1. Enjoy! Thai is my favourite, especially the variety right on the streets of Bangkok. We loved traveling through Thailand on a few occasions. Much of their food is cooked with coconut milk, but you'd be pretty hard pressed to find a fat Thai woman!

  2. Even if its made with coconut milk, please know that coconut milk is probably one of the healthiest fats out there that there is... and fat is NOT a bad thing! It can satiate you and actually help w/ weight loss... so don't spurn the fat! You are ingesting it at the right time of day too... protein and fat are best at end of day... skip on the carbs/noodles and you'll be fine! Sounds delish... we LOVE Thai here too! Here's to you, RA, and putting yourself out there! I love it!


  3. I meant to say "skimp"... not "skip"... "skimp" on the carbs/noodles. :) Hee!

    I made chicken & dumpling soup tonight and the one cup of flour in my dumplings was the highest amount of calories in my entire soup... more so than the fat or protein... go figure that...!


  4. Hey, sweets...!

    Do you mean I will be making some updates here and there on my weight loss... but, I'm not as "brave" as you and don't plan to be too out there for all the world to comment, especially since my mom and MIL and sis and SIL are some of my main readers... ha! I do send out email updates to a friend, though... they are written like blog posts. If you want, I can copy you on it! ;)