Friday, January 29, 2010

Proper Post

Ok, so after I went to the bathroom, got ready to shower, etc... I decided to step on the scale one more time. I had gone to the bathroom, after all. ;-) I was down 1/2 a pound, yippee. So I'm back to 167, which is good. I'm hoping that by Monday, maybe maybe maybe I can convince my body to shed 8 more ounces (how ridiculous is that!?) so I can have a 1 pound loss for this week. We'll see.

My husband is gone for the weekend, and man do I miss him. This morning when he left I was trying so hard not to cry. It's ridiculous, really. The retreat he is going to is literally 10 minutes from our house, but I won't see him until Sunday. Once he was gone my 4 year old daughter came up to me and said, "It's ok, mom. Daddy's gone now so you can cry." And cry I did. And then SHE started crying so I knew I had to pull myself together. Ahhhh, what a sap I am!

Anyway, I ate leftover pizza for lunch. And breakfast. I like cold pizza. I'm weird like that. So today hasn't been perfectly on plan, but the day isn't over. I haven't had a chance to work out. I plan to do it tonight, after the kids are in bed. I even plan to do Level 2 of the Shred and also my Leslie video. Try to recoup some of my losses. ;-)

SO, for the Perfect 10 Challenge, here are my goals for the following week:

Weigh in on Monday and HOPEFULLY post a pound loss this week.
Drink 85oz of water a day... I'm behind on this right now, but have time to catch up.
Try to eat mainly meat, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts and oils.
TRACK MY CALORIES. I did track them yesterday. I didn't know how many calories were in my chocolate cheesecake so I guessed 400, and then with the pizza I have no clue, but am pretty sure I went over the 328 I had left for the day.

Speaking of, a slice of pizza from the Costco deli will set you back between 700-1400 calories. PER SLICE. Sure, those slices are huge, but I can eat one easily.

I can't wait to go to AZ next weekend. I hope I'll be able to kickstart some more weight loss.

That's it for now, I'll post again real quick tonight to let you know that I did indeed work out. =)


  1. Sorry about hubbie being gone. Maybe you and your daughter can do a special girls-only thing tonight or tomorrow. A princess tea..or something fun. :)

    The sodium in the pizza will affect the scale. And be careful on the carbs (pizza is high in carbs) if you are eating a fair amount of fat. High fat with high carbs is not a good combo. If you do highish fat, you want to make sure carbs stay lowish..else the insulin response to the carbs will tell your body to store the fat--eeeep. The only way to get away with higher levels of fat (fat from meats, nuts, eggs, oil) is to control carbs a bit. (I aim for 120 grams or less of carbs in a day, if that helps...some aim for less than 100...others keep it below 50...but I don't like that because it means no fruit)

    Keep on keeping on! :)

  2. Hi it's "Lots to Lose" Matt. You may have a few more pounds to lose than I do, but the "Lots to Lose" has kind of a dual meaning. Yeah, it refers to having to lose all the pounds, but also to the idea that when I do reach goal weight, I'll have lots to lose (health problems, shortened life) if I let myself slide back into my old eating habits. Good talking to ya and I LOVE cold pizza (especially deep dish) too.

  3. Cold pizza is DELICIOUS!! I actually think I like it more than warm pizza. And I have a hard time crying when my fiance leaves too. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. But before you know it, he'll be back!

  4. Hi again! I answered your question about gluten over on my blog comments but will post it here too in case you do not get back over there:

    Ruth Anne, the test is called the anti-gliadin antibody test. It tells you if your body is producing antibodies to gluten. There are more involved tests, too...but doing this test is usually enough info to know that gluten is causing you issues.

  5. New to following you, your goals sounds great!

  6. That is an unbelievable amoutn of calories for one slice of pizza!

    I hope the weekend goes fast for you!