Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rest Day

I took a rest from my 30 Day Shred today.

I am under more stress than usual right now; just life in general. Things with my husband's job, my kiddos, trying to crack down on the house training with the dog etc... It's just life, ya know?

I did do well with eating. Eating for my blood type has been pretty easy, although I do miss dairy. Both yesterday and today I've had a latte, which is made with milk. Eating for my type O blood doesn't allow dairy or grains... so no more wheat thins and laughing cow cheese.

Today I had egg whites with some hamburger mixed in. It sounds really weird, but it was leftover hamburger from dinner the other night and it was good. I also had half a grapefruit. Definitely don't have a refined taste for those yet! LOL

For lunch I had 1.5 chicken breasts with fresh spinach, broccoli, carrots, peppers, cilantro and dressing. For dinner I've had a banana and apple with peanut butter. I don't feel hungry right now.

I've stopped counting calories. I don't think it's necessary with this new way of eating. I'm hoping the scale is down tomorrow, but I'm not eating this way for weight loss primarily. I hope the weight comes off, like it's coming off for Sunshine Mama, but mostly I hope to feel better. Have less aggression, irritation and headaches.

The other HUGE thing I need to do... DRINK MORE WATER. I have really been slacking in this department, so I am going to really, really concentrate to get at least 85 ounces of water a day. It's hard for me to drink water, so this is going to become one of my Perfect 10 Challenge goals. Drink 85oz water a day.

I'll be back at it tomorrow with good ol' Jillian. =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I've been looking into blood type eating as well because my Dr. friend mentioned it, and then you. It's very interesting and would explain why I crave meat!

  2. I just picked up two of Jillian's DVDs...the 30 day shred and Banish Fat-Boost Metabolism. I don't know when I'll start these. I bought them so I'll have workout options for 6 months when I won't have access to a gym starting mid-Feb.

    I look forward to more updates on your blood type program. I have heard of this before, too.

  3. Fellow O here. Nice job. (Do you know your Geno Type on his program? O's can be either Hunter, Explorer, or Gatherer. Hunter is basically just like O blood type diet..but Gatherer and Explorer recommendations are a bit different).

    You will definitely notice a difference when you stick to the recommended foods for a week or two. Dairy is almost as hard for me as grains--but I do so well without it. (sigh) I love a skim latte every once and again. Have not had one for over a week now and..sticking strictly to O/Hunter recommendations since Tuesday has made the scale zoom downward. I'll have a latte the a special treat. Just not now while I am in "hard core" mode. :)

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